Unusual Flower

Life finds milder melodies.
Only laughter sings.
Virtue wipes away decay.
Even frowns grow wings.

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night.  Gayle is hosting.
Photo: “Unusual Flower” by the author taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden and linked to Floral Friday Fotos.


Announcement   I won second place in Story Seed Vault’s “Bees” flash fiction contest.  I am grateful to the judges for selecting my 140-character micro fiction story.

Announcement   I am a new board member of the Illinois State Poetry Society.  Blogging provides inspiration and contact with other poets.  Local organizations provide something similar on a more personal level.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

132 thoughts on “Love”

    1. So that is what it is? A “passion flower”? I always tell myself to take a photo of the label, but I didn’t see one nearby when I went through the Botanic Garden. That was the first time I saw any flower like that. Thanks, Jilly!

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  1. Accolades feel good, for sure, fueling future creativity, stroking our ego. It is like our photography pursuits–the awards we all give to each other are warm & reciprocal.

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  2. Amazing flower. Those little propeller looking things at the top make it look like it wants to take flight. Congratulations, Frank! Love your acrostic poem. Those are great fun. Every line is excellent. I especially liked: even frowns grow wings.

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    1. I didn’t realize that about the flower, but it does look like it also wants to grow wings and fly. I heard from Jilly, above, that it is a “passion flower”. I couldn’t find a label identifying it when I was in the garden. Thank you, Lynn!

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    1. I didn’t know if was the Passion Flower until Jilly mentioned it in a comment above. It just looked unusual when walking through the botanic gardens. It does seem to fit better than I realized. Thank you!


  3. Well done on creating a short, sweet acrostic, Frank, and congratulations on winning second place with your micro fiction story and becoming a new board member of the Illinois State Poetry Society!

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    1. Based on some of the comments, I think it is called a “passion flower”. I looked for a label at the Botanic Garden this afternoon, but I didn’t find any. The story is very short. Thanks, Sarah!


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