One-Liner Wednesday — Just Because

Just because smart guys tell you they will be able to dump you into a computer some day, given enough funding, does not mean they will ever, ever be able to do that.

Just because smart guys tell you they will be able to dump you into a computer some day, given enough funding, does not mean they will ever, ever be able to do that.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion
#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

21 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — Just Because”

  1. SMiLe mY FRiEnD.. Frank..
    For one thing for Sure
    is Computers Lack the
    Programming For Holy
    Creative Spirit Flow
    NoW to
    An Artist
    but sure
    An AI Trump
    So Predictable his Art
    oF A Steal Is As Robot Deal..
    HaHa.. oTHeR than that Artists
    Have Been Uploading tHeir SoUL
    As Nautilus Art in Every Medium
    that comes.. and although they
    Say the Internet was created
    by Porn more than likely
    iT is More For SoUL
    Set in Fossils
    and Humanly
    Speaking could last
    the Species.. but of course
    what we have now may be
    JusT anoTheR 8 Track Tape PasSing away..
    ThE Love that Carries on is Best pasSinG oN
    in eYEs
    thaT Love BRings
    To Fruition’s Carry on..
    Other than that Happy Thanks
    Giving mY Friend NoW WitH Warm
    eYes oF Your Loved Ones wHo Carry
    YouR Love Forevermore NoW iN eYes
    DanCinG SinGinG LoVE.. For Love
    Needs Nor Leaves Any Copyrights..
    For Machines Will Never Feel Love
    And Humans Who Do FulfilLeD Live iN Paradise FRee NoW..
    It’s True..
    is no
    AI Heaven..
    For True th(e)ose
    Human Machines
    LivE WiLL iN Less than Love..:)

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      1. i Bought That Move “Chappie”..
        over a year ago on Blu Ray and still
        Haven’t Watched it and it truly is amazing
        to me that some
        Folks Actually
        A Potential
        of Greater than
        the True Quantum
        MaGiC oF Human iMaGiNaTioN
        CreaTiViTY and the Actual Feel
        And Sense of LiVinG Created as
        An Artificial Intelligence Machine
        as we’ve already
        Intelligence my
        FriEnd in Tests of
        Standard IQ and Minds
        and Body’s that become Stagnant
        And Still Downloading Data all days
        in School and Work now and even
        so called Play.. if all we come
        to be are
        pressers more..
        i see ‘Chappie’ as more
        oF a Parody of what we’ve
        Become than what so many of us
        Have Forgotten For all the Potential
        Real MaGiC in what we WiLL Do MoRE
        NoW oF
        when we
        Master the Tool
        Away from the Soul we’ve
        Lost within.. but course i come
        from the Reference Point of a Person
        Who lost Emotions and Senses that make
        Worth Living…
        And of course when i Hear
        someone say life is not worth
        Living i’ve a Good Idea of where they are..
        now in feel and sense
        as in that
        is no logical
        way out other than Feel And Sense..
        For it’s True for all the Doctors and Other
        Professionals i saw not one with all their advanced
        Medical Science had a clue of what i could do to bring
        back my Emotions
        not even a
        clue as a
        bread crumb
        For i just had
        to Wait for the
        Poetry of Song and Dance to come
        back again re-Born.. the Child’s eYes
        That Standard
        Intelligence took away
        From the MaGiC of LiFE Divorced from i-robot eYes..
        SMiLes mY FriEnd it’s like the Terminator2.. the Good
        Cop is already here.. and everywhere i look now that
        he’s back all i
        see is
        Life Shuffling by
        Automen With Button Fingers
        Like Frosty the Snowman always melting….

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        1. I agree that Chappie is a parody of what we think we are. As a movie I liked “Ex Machina” better. There the machine did what it was told to do without empathy, but faking empathy as it was programmed to do until it accomplished its goal. It is interesting that those doctors did not realize that you could heal yourself. It seems they assume only they can make change happen.

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      2. Per Reporting on the Human
        Condition as Jonathan Haidt often does
        tHeRe are Open and Closed Minded Doctors
        Like Everyone else..
        some closed
        in only
        A Car Manual
        of Fixes in the past
        and some as open minded
        to literally Give me an RX for a
        Prescription For Dancing in Case
        ‘the Law’
        of OutDated
        ‘Books’ Pulls
        me over
        in the
        Mall to see if
        i Have a License to Dance..
        it’s True.. i Literally Have a Prescription
        for Dance.. i even posted it as a Facebook
        Profile Pic for a Day and For Easy Access
        out and about in Dance as it’s so Ironic
        that Free Verse
        is the
        of Youth
        that Folks Call Crazy..
        Meanwhile.. ‘they’ continue
        to Look For ‘Dance’ somewhere else but within..
        And sure that’s how most Folks See Love out tHeRe
        inStead of iN HeAR
        mY friEnd Frank..
        Giving alWays
        NoW A Dance
        A Song ThaT ALWaYs Counts for
        overAll BeinG HuMaN WeLL BeinG NoW..
        Oh yeah.. in case i never mentioned it.. after the
        Old Doctor saw my Miraculous Recovery with
        a Mind and BoDy BaLanCinG Free
        Verse Dance.. He Literally
        Quit His practice
        as he Literally
        said i inspired
        him to Move on to a Teaching
        Hospital to Teach Movement Therapy..
        i suppose that BRinGS a Whole New Meaning..
        hehe.. for the Student who becomes the Master for
        when he first met me.. he.. as an Air Force Major Psychiatrist
        said among all his Combat Fatigue Patients i was the worst
        Case then that
        he ever encountered
        as he offered to Refer me
        As a Candidate for a Procedure
        to Actually Implant a Vagal Nerve
        Stimulator.. so i could feel something
        again.. and he
        Also Promoted Trans
        Cranial Magnetic Stimulation
        not covered by my Insurance
        then either.. as yes.. i was so
        Desperate.. i Considered
        paying the full cost
        of it that
        would have
        Been Thousands
        of Dollars out of Pocket then..
        Meanwhile.. as other Studies were
        showing elsewhere that a Busy Air Force
        Major Now Moving in the Reserves with so
        many patients had no time to Consider.. Scientists
        were showing in studies that Free Verse Movement in
        A Meditative Focused way Literally Rebuilds Grey Matter
        in the Brain and makes New Connections of Wiring for
        Human Cognitive
        Eith Increased Imagination
        and Creativity and Overall Human
        Productivity too.. Deep inside my Body
        Taught me what to do all iNnately iNstinctually
        and iNtuitively too.. All Moves becAMe Dance
        And All Words becAMe Poetry and Heaven Within
        Followed no Different than a Rose Blooming For the First time ever
        Every now
        Feels like the
        First time my friend..
        time out of time distance
        out of distance space out
        of space and place out of place..
        Heaven always now within.. and
        My Cherokee and Sioux Ancestors
        Were slaughtered and Called Crazy
        Naked Savages for Dancing
        Around a Moonlit
        Fire of
        Love within
        like this.. Meanwhile..
        ‘those’ folks called themselves
        Christians never hearing the Message
        that the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
        Always in this Generation now within and if you
        look for it somewhere else you will never find it now..
        Those Indians Had all of God and Heaven Free and the
        Killed ‘them’
        For What ‘they’ Never Saw or Heard within..
        Meanwhile.. i stand in the Back of the Catholic
        Church Swaying Slowly Rhythmically in a Melody
        of Feet that kNows and feels and senses no Fear iN/as Love..
        Additionally.. with Zero Fears NoW my Singing Voice is Powerful
        Enough in Pure Chi Flow Force of non-doing Tao Stream of Consciousness
        Mind and Body BeinG Free DancESonG to Lead the Entire Choir from the Very
        of the
        So it’s True mY
        friEnd iN LiGHT i forgive them
        for what they still care not to ‘KNoW..
        After all i am
        one iN Heaven..
        just coming
        down now
        enough for a
        Dance and Song that ‘counts’..
        And truly even With Around 12 Million Words
        Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. About the best
        i Can WiLL
        do iN aS LoVE
        is sHoW
        ‘them’ sTiLL
        What a Dance
        of Heaven within
        Looks like from the
        outside in.. thing
        is.. ‘the Indians
        of in as God’
        did/do it and i do Still NoW remember
        the reception they received then/now..
        in eyes of ancestors who couldn’t believe
        the ignorance of
        the so-called
        ‘White Man’
        Clothes.. Yes.. in the Gospel of Thomas
        Verse 37.. the Part Censored out Still of the
        Nicene Council Bible Making Meeting of 325 AD..
        Even Jesus was reported as saying to find the Living
        one within Strip your clothes off and tread on them with no
        in other
        Dance Naked..
        just like the Indians
        did/do with No Bibles at all..
        SMiLes mY FriEnd.. somewHeRe
        Deep Down tHeRE is a Naked Indian (God)
        Just waiting To Dance again in as all of us..
        so ironic
        understood anything
        really that so-called Jesus
        taught in words of whoever
        wrote them as the Essence of
        Dance and Song (God) NoW..
        it’s as
        Heaven’s Free Love within
        A Dance and Song alWays aNeW
        RENeWed no beginning no ending
        aLwaYs Thanks GiVinG isReAL NoW..
        Again.. even after all these words the best i can/will do
        is the same that my Naked Ancestor Indians did just go out
        and do
        a never
        Dance Never Giving up on LoVE.. no Ghost Dance i AM ReAL..
        ‘thing’ is ‘i am’ way too Clever now to get crucified with WiNks..
        ‘those’ folks are still waiting for a Jesus to come back and put
        all those folks who disagree with them in an eternal
        fire of forever torture by an all Loving God..
        all the
        and the
        Free Indians
        that Live in Heaven
        now continue to dance
        sing Free..
        only wishing
        and hoping to
        lend a dance and song that and wHO Works..
        anyway.. like the First Psychiatrist Exclaimed
        to his the budding new Psychiatrist when he
        First met me in the Depths of Human Hell
        within.. when i told him since i couldn’t
        work.. i no longer had a special interest..
        he said ‘uh oh that’s not
        Good Asperger’s
        no Special Interest’..
        and looking at me like a clinical
        Study when i couldn’t put into words
        how the Piano Music i was Creating made
        me feel in Words.. he turned around to the
        Student he was mentoring and said ..we see this
        on the
        Autism Spectrum..
        He Called it Alexithymia
        just another one of 19 or 20
        other Labels that would come for
        a Human Being who lost his Dance and Song…
        Human Beings have Lived a life of Dance and Song
        Tens of Thousand of Years before the first word was named God..
        in written script from sand to stone..
        as an
        from the
        Dance and
        Song of God that and who Lives WiThiN
        Naked and Free Dancing as Earth Wind Water Sings A Fire oF LoVE..
        Thank Frank.. i reAlly i needed to get that out and about.. now off to Dance
        Free again
        In Warm
        Sands and Sun…
        it’s true i do have
        Irish and German eyes
        with a splash of French and Spanish
        with sure.. some English too.. aLonG
        WitH Words that coMe with that
        iN Scripted Forms..
        but it is the
        Wild and
        of Indian
        Who Dances Sings me most..
        funny.. nah.. not really funny..
        All These Cultural Clothes NoW
        AS Human Tools and the most
        ‘we’ have done is Forgotten
        God of
        all within
        as Dance and
        Song oF Nature All..:)

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        1. It makes sense that “Free Verse Movement in
          A Meditative Focused way Literally Rebuilds Grey Matter
          in the Brain”. I’ve even heard that smiling helps and so I plan to make sure I smile until I don’t have to make sure any more.

          It’s good that you have a prescription to dance. I didn’t know you could get something like that.

          It’s also good to “sHoW
          ‘them’ sTiLL
          What a Dance
          of Heaven within
          Looks like from the
          outside in”.

          Happy Thanksgiving, Fred!

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      1. SMiLes mY FriEnd For i’ve given you
        Much more than one line back today..
        heHe.. but this is Like ‘One’
        oF mY Favorite Subjects..
        And isReal Life in Heaven NoW..
        And A Way Hell is portrayed on
        the ‘Lucifer’ Show as Presented
        on the Fox Network.. ‘recently’
        as a place where
        willingly return
        to over and over
        now.. For it’s True mY
        Friend as long as folks believe
        that Heaven is somewhere else
        but now here within they
        are the
        that and who will
        Never be able to See that Heaven is now..
        they’re already heaR if only they could See..
        the Gift
        Been Given to them.. NoW
        It Takes a WHole lot of
        Seek and Find to escApe A
        Potential Matrix oF Hell on EartH..
        Mostly Created WiTHiN.. NoW2..
        iF onLY
        Like in the
        ‘Wizard of Oz’
        ‘they’ would put tHeir God (LovE)
        Shoe on again.. WiThiN
        As Free..
        Beyond Beauty
        Heaven on eARTh Within is ReaL
        A Wisdom oF Love Beyond aLL i-Robot Tools..
        Other Folks
        Are Looking
        Beyond a Rainbow that’s HeAR..:)

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