My Summer Space

Slokie Lagoons
They didn’t have to hurry
Running through the glen.
Perhaps I didn’t see them,
Nor me, those forest men.

But if you didn't see them
go on, proclaim me mad.
A summer place, a happy face,
Cannot be all that bad.

I may as well be loony.
I’m isolated, too.
I smile and learn to whistle
These lock down summer blues.

Linked to the Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale offers the theme of “my summer space”. My summer space would have plants and places to walk.

Linked also to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. I didn’t know what to write for a poem for Dale’s prompt and so I just let my mouth run (which is what I normally do). The result helped me keep smiling and hopefully it didn’t make others cringe too much.

Many Leaflets

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

46 thoughts on “My Summer Space”

  1. I am from India and i am 14
    you are a awesome writer sir. I love to read you posts at night in the peace fullness you are awesome
    hope you like my blog also.check out mine if you like

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        1. You can find dverse at Most of the poems I write are in response to prompts coming from that site. We post poems on our blogs conforming to specific prompts and then link those posts in the Mister Linky on the page. Then we comment on each others’ posts.

          I couldn’t find your blog from the link in your comment. Is it still active?


                    1. Your blog doesn’t seem to about poetry, but space and the universe. It would not be appropriate on my blog. Nor would my sharing it here likely encourage others to go to your blog. However, find similar groups of bloggers with the same theme and encourage each other.


                    2. Thank you sir 👍 follow my blog to get more information about space and thank you for reading and replying to me it is th first time I ever use WordPress or any other web site builders so thank you u gave me confidence thank you

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