One-Liner Wednesday – The American Swamp 3

The Left will bring you down with their lies and destroy America.

Jon Voight, The Hill, October 17, 2020 (about 1:45)
Jon Voight, “Biden is evil.”

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

If anyone votes for Joe Biden given the evidence of corruption Rudy Giuliani has discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, shame on you.

For a summary of how the Democrats got into the position they are in see Don Surber’s commentary, “Why did they nominate Hunter Biden’s pop?” Selwyn Duke also notes that Joe Biden’s compromised position could be used by domestic blackmailers as well as foreign interests. To get further information, keep a tab open on your browser linked to Citizen Free Press. It will periodically update itself with the latest links.

Although I agree with Jon Voight that the manipulators who stand to financially gain on the Left are deliberately lying, the real problem is with the people who won’t gain anything, but who have allowed themselves to become addicted to the pleasure of hating Trump. They don’t realize that their uncritical attitude has turned them into sheeple propagating the lies of these corrupt politicians (for free).

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