Sunday Walk 41 – Abortion and Communion


תועבת יהוה דרך רשׁע ומרדף צדקה יאהב

Proverbs 15:9 Masoretic Text with various translations

I learned from Michael Wilson’s blog that the San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone had called on the Catholic Church to deny Communion to prominent pro-abortion Catholics.

I agree with Archbishop Cordileone, but would add a twist to his call making it relevant even for non-Catholics: All Christians should advise those who are pro-abortion to refrain from Communion until they have repented.

Does that sound harsh?

What would be harsh would be Satan’s accusations full of finger-pointing and despair with no hope of forgiveness on the other side. However, this call is different. It is a call to the discomfort of repentance and the liberation of change where pardon replaces that crash into the brick wall.

Selah, Before the Throne of God Above
Patched Brick Wall

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Walk 41 – Abortion and Communion”

  1. Excellent suggestion. Abortion is an abomination to God. We must change our minds (repent) and act differently. The apostle Paul requested we examine ourselves before communion. ” Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup.”


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    1. I like Paul’s request to examine oneself before communion. There is much to repent of, some that we aren’t even aware of or think of as “good”. I like your insight that repentance can be seen as changing one’s mind. Thank you, Michael!

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  2. It is beyond my soul how anyone who calls themselves a Believer, a child of God, a person washed clean by the blood spilt from the cross can support the legislation and the very idea of abortion — no Catholic or any Christian who seeks communion should be allowed such if they advocate for the death of the unborn—

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  3. Unfortunately today most Catholics or Christians if you prefer are in name only. I don’t know who is who but no one can mock God, no one can hide from God abortion is THE killing of another human and worse most for greed. The so-called powers in the world want the parts of these babies, which proves they are human babies. It is said, they are used to make the vaccine. Thou shalt not kill, so says GOD!

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  4. Thank you for posting this!! Anyone who is pro-abortion should be denied Communion! I have loved Archbishop Cordelione since I first heard of him several months ago. Unlike many bishops today, he’s solid on everything, as far as I know. 🙏💙❤️💜

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  5. I absolutely agree with this, and would go so far as to say that, on being made aware that a pro-abortion politician is in the congregation, the celebrant should very publicly state that the politician in question will be denied Communion and that their mere presence is a scandal against every other worshipper. As a Catholic, I don’t think the clergy (especially the bishops) have been emphatic enough on this point.

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    1. I am surprised as well. One of the reasons I’ve started to post explicit pro-life views is because I wonder if my past silence has indirectly condoned abortion. Abortion is not morally acceptable.

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