I am a Christian. I am pro-life. I am for Catholics whom I so often see as pro-life. I am pro-Israel. I voted for Donald Trump in 2020.

I used to live in Northbrook, north of Chicago, near Lake Michigan, but in February, 2019, we moved to Miami Beach, Florida. I grew up on a farm in northwestern Indiana and lived for a decade in central, rural Maine.

I enjoy walking and taking photos with my phone. I keep a pen and notebook handy to capture some of the stuff running through my mind that is not fast enough to get away.

I can be reached at frankhubeny@protonmail.com.

57 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Frank, Chuck here. I’m a transplanted Californian living near Austin TX. Really looking forward to read more of you great posts and following you! Thanks for visiting me and following! Looking forward to “sharing the trail” with you. Sounds like you keep a Word Bank to capture words and ideas for poems?

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    1. What I mainly use are prompts from places like dVerse Poets Pub. I have listed some on the right side panel that I currently follow. You are welcome to participate in these as well. There may be others that I am not aware of, but these keep me busy.

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      1. There’s a “quadrille” going on now at dVerse which lasts till the end of the week. It is only 44 words long and this week must contain the word “spring”. You might find it worth trying. There will be another prompt this afternoon at 3 eastern time.

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    1. Thanks, Ronnie! I am looking forward to your posts as well. I saw your blog mentioned in your signature on one of your posts on Literature Network. I post there as YesNo.


  2. One problem with having three blogs… and one Icon is that sometimes one is lead to a different place.
    It is because of that… that I have a link to my other blogs on (all of) my posts (where ever I post them; Gems, Strands and Fiction).

    Most of my Fiction for Carrot Ranch is at my Fiction site, though not always (which is why I try to use my titles as links…in those comments when posting a story).
    I’ve bookmarked your place and hope to see you again at Carrot Ranch. 🙂

    Did you see the TUFF Contest Challenge by Charli at Carrot Ranch? I think there’s still time to enter that 🙂
    TUFF a unique writing system even if you don’t enter the contest.

    Cheers, Jules

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    1. I am considering the TUFF challenge. I’ve entered three of the others. I think the technique is valuable and is sort of what I am do now though not so formally. Part of my process involves removing text and then expanding it. I need to find a topic to write about that fits the hero’s transformation theme.

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      1. Writing in smaller doses… one doesn’t necessarily have to be so formal. As with Flash Fiction sometimes the pieces just write themselves. 😉 I rarely edit small stuff. But it is a valuable process. Good luck!

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        1. I go through many edits and try to sleep on something before posting it even if it is very small. That means it takes perhaps too long to write anything large. I should probably write as quickly as I make these comments. Thanks, Jules!

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  3. Hi Frank! I’m seeking a poem. I am scheduling a poetry advent calender this year – a poem a day in the run up to Christmas, and I’m hoping to persuade you to contribute. There’s no particular theme, except that it is the season of preparations and expectations, dark nights, and candles, so I’m hoping to reflect that.

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    1. Thanks, Sarah! I’ll send you three poems for your consideration on the themes you mentioned to see if they are appropriate for the advent calendar within this week. I don’t think I have an email for you. You can reach me at hubenyfrank@gmail.com to let me know how I should send them to you.


    1. I grew up in northwest Indiana on a farm, but for the last few decades I’ve been in the Chicago area, currently Northbrook. I hear Spokane is beautiful, but I have never been there.


    1. Thank you! I am not familiar with the Bridgeport area although we have often gone to Chinatown which I think is to the east. Many decades ago I lived in Hyde Park, a short walking distance to the Science and Industry Museum.

      That was a very beautiful description in your About page on how we get what we want in that house of mirrors: https://myforever.blog/about/ God bless you!


  4. Hi Frank! I’m user ‘34778/adam-sharpe’ from the Philosophy Stack Exchange. I followed the link to your blog in your SE profile after noticing I hadn’t seen any posts from you in a while. Not sure what your reasons were for leaving, but I hope it’s not permanent and that one day you’ll decide to return – personally I (and I’m sure many others) valued your contributions very much. Nice blog!

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    1. I am glad you stopped by, Adam.

      I made a post on the Philosophy Meta site in October stating my objection to the code of conduct change about the use of gender pronouns (where being gender neutral was no longer acceptable) and my objection to moderator removal over that (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stack_Exchange#Moderator_removal). That issue is what motivated me to go elsewhere. I don’t anticipate a challenge coming from that change for those who choose to continue using most of these sites, but I don’t agree with the policy nor how it was implemented.

      I am now writing answers (and questions) on Quora. As an unexpected benefit, I also experience far less hostility on Quora than I did on Stack Exchange which left me pleasantly surprised.

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      1. As an update, I stopped using Quora last summer. I am also moving away from Facebook and Twitter.

        My interests are now focused on Parler (@Hubenyfrank), Gab (@FrankHubeny), and MeWe (Frank Hubeny). However, at the moment MeWe is the only one that is readily available. I trust the other two will become easy to use again in the future.


  5. Hi Frank–Rhen Laird’s blog is closed now, but I’m still here (with different name) and this blog isn’t private, so you’re welcome any time 😉 Blessings to you ❤

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