Second Try—Six Sentence Poetry Slam

I once had a second or two.
So I did with them what I could do.
Well, I schemed. Then I cried.
How those seconds flew by!
Now they’re gone like a dream I outgrew.


Denise offers the prompt word “second” for this week’s Six Sentence Poetry Slam. I also posted this on Poet’s Corner.

Six Poems—Tiny Book

While looking at LaTeX templates for brochures I noticed LianTze Lim’s PocketMod package which allows one to typeset eight smaller pages on a single letter-size sheet of paper. After printing it one would fold it in half lengthwise, then fold it in half again and then again. That produces a tiny book that fits in the pocket of a t-shirt or can be used as a bookmark.

So, I put together six poems into a book which you are free to download and print, if you wish. Although I added color to the PDF file, I normally print this in black and white and landscape mode and use it as a bookmark.

For those who would like the see the LaTeX commands, I placed the files on Google Drive under Six Poems.


With freeze and thaw of wintry woes
some fear the still-life’s gonna die.
Why spin the news so fast that I
can see the lies beneath fresh snows?

There is the Lamb that heaven shows,
the One who can unseal the book.
The losing side will try to hook
the world with sorrows. Persevere.
The sea of glass and fire comes here
with victory and praising. Look!

Previously appeared in Poet’s Corner.

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