The American Swamp 2

While listening to Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Episode 78, I began to realize the extent of the political scandal described by the New York Post in its expose of the emails and graphics on Hunter Biden’s abandoned hard drive. Giuliani has been approaching this evidence using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act which he has used in the past against the Mafia and others.

This is a perfect case for it because this Biden family was engaging in the business of crime and their commodity – Joe’s public office. And Joe, you will see, shared in the proceeds which is clearly admitted by his co-conspirators.

Rudy Giuliani, Federal Crimes Uncovered in Biden Hard Drive, October 16, 2020 (about 4:25)

The initial part of the evidence covers dealings with foreign interests in Iraq, Russia, Ukraine and China. Listen to the details for yourself. Giuliani states his case very well.

Rudy W. Giuliani, Federal Crimes Uncovered in Biden Hard Drive

Can one trust Joe Biden to drain the American swamp? Why would he want to? Even if he wanted to, how far could he get being compromised by these foreign interests?

The irrational opposition and hatred that we have all seen thrown at Donald Trump over the past four years is evidence that some very influential people in the swamp know that they can not corrupt Trump. So they have to persistently and repeatedly slander him and sabotage the country hoping that by doing so they can prevent Trump from being re-elected.

They know that Trump is the type of person who would not only be motivated to drain their precious swamp, but he is also the person with the precise personality traits needed to actually do it.

That is why I voted for him.

Fox News, DNI Ratcliffe With Maria Bartiromo

Shadow Play

It's ominous when shadow play
Deceives and hides the truthful way.
We need good light and strength to seek,
But shadows love to keep us weak.

Linked to Cosmic Photo Prompt where Dale offers the theme of shadow play.

Also linked to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. There is no news on the 3x+1 problem, but the forest preserves have been beautiful. Many, many smiles watching the leaves change and drop in the wind and rain. I think I will go back again today right after posting this.

Sunday Walk 11

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version

Below is Kate Smith singing Irving Berlin’s God Bless America.

Irving Berlin’s God Bless America Sung By Kate Smith

Peter Warren sang some verses from this song at the end of his guest sermon at Calvary Chapel Miami Beach on September 13th, “The Battle Behind the Battle”. He is the author of When the Shooting Stops: Where is God When We Suffer?

Peter Warren at Calvary Chapel Miami Beach, The Battle Behind the Battle

And here is a link to Crystal Grimes’ song, “Blessings Be Upon You”, based on Numbers 6:24-26.

I am a registered Democrat in Miami Beach, Florida. I recently mailed in my absentee ballot which has been received and counted. I voted for the President, Donald Trump. The entire process from mailing me the ballot to having it recorded as counted took 14 days.

At The Return a message from President Trump was read expressing his stand for America. I thank God for the protection and leadership that President Trump has provided, and will provide over the next four years, as President of the United States of America.

I offer a prayer of gratitude for Donald Trump’s swift recovery from COVID-19. I also pray for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

The American Swamp

The recent email evidence, confirming what many have suspected, that Hunter Biden enriched his family by providing foreign interests access to his father then Vice-President Joe Biden is one of the main reasons not to vote for Democratic candidates during this election.

There are other reasons, but this should be enough for any American who claims to have any sense of loyalty to the United States. This swamp is deep and wide. And it’s putrid. Joe Biden isn’t the only one in it. Nor will the Democratic Party drain it.

Here is a summary of the crisis from Tucker Carlson:

Tucker Carlson, Fox News Channel

As disclosure, I am a registered Democrat in Miami Beach, Florida. I have already voted in an absentee ballot for Donald Trump. I also made sure I did not vote for any Democrat on that ballot. I don’t trust any of these candidates.

This swamp needs to be drained.


While raking leaves Bill thought back to the farm his parents had with asparagus, pickles, pumpkins, corn, hay and soybeans.  The chores back then were not so bad. He hoed corn from the beans and stacked baled hay.  There was the busy time of  harvesting, but harvesting had to be done.

The worst were those chickens. He’d reach his hand under a sitting hen to gather eggs only to have it pecked.  Sometimes he’d shoo them off the nest.  Sometimes they wouldn’t go.  

He wouldn’t want some hen doing that to him, but he had to get those eggs.

Linked to Carrot Ranch’s October 15 Flash Fiction Challenge where Charli Mills offers the theme of chores.

Whispers and Echoes published one of my very, very short stories, “Lecture”. I wrote it for the Tiny Terrors theme and I am grateful to Sammi Cox for selecting it.

Among other challenges this month, Ronovan Writes announced an annual spooky 13 challenge today and the Carrot Ranch Rodeo is going on.

Trail Through Autumn Trees


Ignore the pain. I do not miss
The pleasure out there tempting me.
Such blindness! How I failed to see
That there's a whole world more than this
With righteousness that brings pure bliss.
Manipulators walk around
With advertisements safe and sound.
Beware their busted sugar rush
Deceiving while our morals blush.
It sinks like dust on lifeless ground.

Linked to Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge where the rhyme word “bliss” is to be used in one of the A lines of a décima having rhyme scheme ABBAACCDDC.

Yellow Leaved Tree in the Distance
Ronovan's Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Ronovan’s Decima Poetry Challenge Image

Field – Six Sentence Stories

The field was wide, but the path was narrow avoiding the mines.  We could sense the shadow of death through the destroyed tanks on each side of us, but this was the only way to get there.  Others depended on us and we depended on them to make the right decisions.  

We made it through the field before sunset.  Thanks to those who came before us and to those who came with us, we all did. 

During the battle that continued for three more weeks, and long after that, I was not the only one who felt joy that in spite of being broken we were still found worthy to serve.

Linked to Six Sentence Stories where Denise offers the prompt word “field” for these stories of six sentences.

One of my micro-stories, “Door”, was published in Whispers and Echoes‘ Tiny Terrors theme. I am grateful to the editor Sammi Cox for selecting it.

GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley's six-sentence-stories icon
GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon

One-Liner Wednesday – Weasel Reasoning

I label anyone who claims to be pro-life and yet votes for Biden as pro-abortion. There is no way they can weasel their way out of it.

My comment on Mario Murillo’s post “When Christian Leaders Are So Open Minded Their Brains Fall Out”, October 6, 2020

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

Badge by Laura @

Tent Revival in Fresno, California

Almighty God made an emphatic statement in Fresno tonight. This was not a good meeting. I have been to good meetings. This was an explosion. This was the vengeance of God crashing into Satan’s agenda.

Mario Murillo, Fresno Explodes! October 12, 2020

Given Mario Murillo’s support for Donald Trump as evidenced by his recent posts HOW SATANISM AND DEMOCRATS FOUND EACH OTHER and WHEN CHRISTIAN LEADERS ARE SO OPEN MINDED THEIR BRAINS FALL OUT I don’t think he will mind me closing with this photo taken at a Pro-Trump rally in Northbrook, Illinois, on September 25th which was only a few blocks from where we live when in Northbrook. I didn’t know about the rally in advance but when I saw the gathering I stood with the Trump supporters even though I’m a registered Democrat.

I’ve been puzzled over the past four years why the Democratic Party has overplayed its hand demonizing President Trump. If you take into account their deceitful impeachment, their slandering through fake news of Trump and his administration, who, by the way, handled the coronavirus very well, and their toxic self-righteousness in the BLM rioting, I don’t see how anyone could shamelessly vote for a Democrat for any office. With their current top candidate most likely compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, and so unable to effectively stand for America, one could say that it would be outright unpatriotic to vote for them.


If you go down in the woods today

Green is fading from the leaves.
Yellows, reds surround the trees.
They seem to know that winter nears
Approaching it with trust, not fears.

Linked to Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale offers the theme of “if you go down in the woods today”. These photos were from Friday in Sunset Ridge Woods Forest Preserve.

Also linked to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. I did nothing this past week with the 3x+1 problem. I don’t know if that is something worth a smile, but it did make me smile. The changing forest preserve was clearly worth a smile. I took so many photos yesterday, I used up the battery on my phone. Perhaps that was a sign that I took enough of them. It amazes me that the trees know winter is coming.

I am also linking this to Robin’s Walktober.

Trail in the Forest Preserve