New Life Emerging

Dale offers the theme of “new life emerging” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

The photo above is from 2006. We saw the mulch moving and carefully uncovered the bunnies. I took a photo and we covered them up again. We waited. In a few days they all moved on and we used the flower pot. One year I think I saw a mother rabbit monitor from a distance the young she left in one of our flower pots, but generally I am unaware of so much that is going on.

Child Caressing Bunnies

Art For Art’s Sake

Dale offers the prompt “art for art’s sake” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge looking for something “out of the ordinary, manufactured, morphed or manipulated”. These are the parts of fallen palm branches waiting by the road to be picked up as trash. I think they are out of the ordinary, but the only morphing I did was to crop out some of the photo and enhance the color and light.

Last Friday Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip challenge was to write a one line poem along with at least two of the required words or phrases she selected from paint chip samples. I submitted the first line in the following poem using “bright idea”, “margarita” and “castle” from the list. Since one line didn’t seem enough I’ve added three more to this nonsense-or-not poem.


Some bright idea said, “Go swim beyond that margarita castle.”
I knew I should and would, should I be good, but good was such a hassle.
Now deep in hell the water’s – well, this margarita’s cooking.
I do recall before my fall that castle was good looking.

Lisa Tomey announced that Heart Beats has been published. I have a poem in this anthology. I am grateful to her for accepting it.

Fallen Palm Branch Art

Solid, Liquid and Gas

Solid Plants in Gaseous Air Against a White Wall Waiting for Liquid Rain

One photo looks a tad too odd.
The other one does too.
To compensate I’ll make both small
and hope that that will do.

Dale offers the theme of “solid, liquid and gas” admitting this encompasses just about anything for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

My Feet Below a Glass Table Where What’s Solid Looks Hopefully Like a Gas or Liquid.