My Outside Space

Picnic Table and Pond
Picnic Table and Pond

Dale offers the prompt “my outside space” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

I took these photos a short walk from where we now live.

The leaves below are either from a sweetgum tree or a sycamore or something else entirely. The sunset in the bottom photo was taken from the other side of the pond shown in the top photo.

Sweetgum Leaves
Sunset Over Pond
Sunset Over Pond

In the Trees

Sunrise through palm trees
Sunrise in the Trees

Dale offers the prompt “in the trees” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

Above the sunrise comes in and through the trees (Miami Beach, Florida), assuming palm trees, or whatever they are, qualify as trees. Below there is snow in, or on, the trees (Northbrook, Illinois). And below that there’s a park and mountains in the trees or perhaps it is the other way around (Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado).

Streetlight and Snow
Streetlight and Snow in the Trees
Park and Mountains in the Trees



Dale offers the prompt “faces” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge. There’s a white bird looking at me above wondering what I’m doing and a grasshopper who let me take many photos of him.

Normally I don’t take recognizable photos of people. However, I do have a photo of myself which someone else took and that is below.


Public Art

Sand Turtle

Dale offers “public art” as the prompt for this week’s Cosmic Photo Prompt.

What you see above is part of a rather large sand turtle that lasted about a day at Myrtle Beach before the tide washed it completely away.

Below is a flower painted under a bridge that went over a brook for trains passing through an Illinois forest preserve. The forest trail following the brook went under this bridge. The graffiti kept changing over the period of time I walked that trail. I imagine by now that flower, like the sand turtle, is no longer there.


Whispers and Echoes recently published a 100-word story of mine called Spotting the Heretic. I am grateful to the editor, Sammi Cox, for selecting it. If you would like to submit very short stories or poems here are the guidelines.

Three Views From One Spot

Dale offers the theme “three views from one spot” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

This is a spot where the sunset was very beautiful a week or so ago. However, tonight it was overcast.

The first view shows a residential construction area. The land is raised higher and some of the drainage system is in place. The second view is a bit to the right of it. The third view is to the left and shows the edge of a fenced in dog recreation area.

First View
First View
Second View
Third View
Third View

On The Shore

Dale offers the prompt “on the shore” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

In the photo above are three royal terns (plus the legs of two others) minding their own business on the shore and wondering if I would mind mine.

In the photo below there are two birds (perhaps seagulls) watching the sunrise. There is actually a third tiny bird (sandpiper?) to the left on the shore.

Both of these were taken in southern Florida some years ago using my phone.

Sunrise with two birds
Sunrise with birds

From an Interesting Angle

Dale offers the prompt “from an interesting angle” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

In the photo above of the trail, I knelt down to get a different view of the railings. This was taken many years ago on the Barr Trail in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

In the photo below I pretended I was a pigeon. I got down very low and focused on the ground. This was also taken many years ago somewhere in Europe.

Evening Pavement
Evening Pavement

As the World Warms Up

Dale offers the theme “as the world warms up” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

I was walking along the beach on Friday afternoon. The sun was hot. The sand was hot. If it warms up any more I will have to put my sandals back on. So I waded in the water along the beach and saw a small section where some seaweed (and other stuff) was moving to shore.

I have no idea why I took these two photos of the same seaweed. The hot sand gave me hope they might fit the prompt.

Seaweed floating into shore
Another view of the same seaweed and debris floating to shore
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