Couplet for the Solstice

Sun goes up and sun goes down. Lips like yours need never frown.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. I am hosting and the theme is couplets for the solstice.

Photos: A couplet photo above and “Rainbow in Leaves” below.

Rainbow in Leaves

One-Liner Wednesday — Born

We are born lovers; we now just have to start loving.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday.

#1linerWeds badge by Cheryl, at
#1linerWeds badge by Cheryl, at


What a cure to trust when evenings fall
What ends is not the end of it at all.

Text: Linked to dVerse Poetics hosted by Paul with the theme “medicine”.

Photos: “Wheels of White”, above, and “Water Drops”, below.

Water Drops


I cycle on and miss the trees.
They laugh more mindfully than me.
It’s you I’m on this bike to see.

With any end the sun may bring
There will be some old song to sing
And some to dip us fresh in spring.

Text: Linked to dVerse Quadrille hosted by Kim from Writing in North Norfolk with the theme word “cycle”.

Photos: “Circle of White”, above, and “Fern”, below”.


Rest and Motion

Forgiveness is a sacred motion
Like waves expressing deeper ocean.

Text: Linked to Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.  I will be featuring couplets like this in honor of the solstice this Thursday, June 21st, at dVerse.

Photos: “Bubbles in Rest and Motion”, above, and “Trees at Rest, People in Motion”, below. These are linked to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with the theme: “Bodies at Rest, Bodies in Motion”.

Bubbles at Rest and in Motion


Poppies all have lost their bloom.
Summer heat is here.
With such brightness even gloom
Is smiling through its fear.

Text: Linked to dVerse Open Link Night.  Grace is hosting.

Photos: “Clothed with Leaves”, above, and “In the Distance Brightness”, below.

In the Distance Brightness

One-Liner Wednesday — Happy-ness

The heart is the safest place to store what’s valuable.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday and Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.

#1linerWeds badge by Cheryl, at
#1linerWeds badge by Cheryl, at