Mess – Six Sentence Story

Red bougainvillea made a splash against a white wall as Tom wondered where he was.

When his mind wandered he’d sometimes get lost in imagined disasters he could do nothing about. Fortunately, although they seemed determined to mess with him to the extent they still could, he had enough sense to reject dark demonic misdirection.

Then Tom saw Phyllis wave to him in the distance. He hadn’t seen her in a decade, not since the funeral. Her smile and the joyful brilliance of the bougainvillea told him his journey was finally over and a new, better one had just begun.


Denise offers the prompt word “mess” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

Another View of Red
Another View of Red

One Winter’s Morning

Dale offers the prompt “one winter’s morning” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Prompt.

At the moment I am in Florida, but the following photos are from a time in Northbrook, IL, when the winter morning was cold and snow was falling.

I still remember that morning. I am glad I went out to take photos. It is my idea of what winter is all about.

Cold and Bright Trail
Cold and Bright Trail
Techny Park, Northbrook, IL

Moon Song

They sat outside our dorm singing the Moon Song. It was his favorite. Even she knew it. He sang, “Yadda yadda goo goo.” She responded, “Doodoo doodoo wah wah.” This would go on and on.

I imagined them singing the Moon Song for decades even after a long day of fighting and making up. When they grew old I imagined them singing it to each other in their hearts.

Indeed I hope so.

But we didn’t have air conditioning. My window was open. This was exam week. And that’s my lame excuse for shouting, “Shut up!”


Originally appeared in Whispers and Echoes.

Paste – Six Sentence Story

A paste of sparkling, sticky snow clings to the leafless trees. The sky is cloudy blue and cold. My eyes look on all these.

This all reflects the mystery that we are here to see.

That’s when the prophet stopped to praise with thankfulness and we. Well, we as well began to praise with thanks for all we see.


Denise offers the prompt word “paste” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories. Reformatting this into verses, I posted it on Poet’s Corner.


With freeze and thaw of wintry woes
some fear the still-life’s gonna die.
Why spin the news so fast that I
can see the lies beneath fresh snows?

There is the Lamb that heaven shows,
the One who can unseal the book.
The losing side will try to hook
the world with sorrows. Persevere.
The sea of glass and fire comes here
with victory and praising. Look!

Previously appeared in Poet’s Corner.

Lead – Six Sentence Story

Stanley didn’t like to swim but living near the ocean he didn’t mind, should the Spirit lead him, to take a sunrise stroll along the water’s edge.

The huge quantity of water brought Noah to mind. “That’s where all the water went,” he told himself. Then he provided the explanation that mountains rose while deep sea basins formed to collect the runoff which carved canyons along the way.

When Stanley told others the story of the water no one believed him (except those who did). Perhaps to taunt him for telling the tale of its failure to drown the remnant in that boat, or perhaps to merely remind him what it could still do, the water lapped its waves upon the sandy shore licking off any trace of Stanley’s footprints.


Denise offers the prompt word “lead” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

For those who don’t know the story of the water see Genesis 6-9.

Sunrise with two birds
Ocean sunrise with birds

A New Start

Dale offers the prompt “a new start” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

We moved during the past year from Northbrook, IL, making a new start in Fort Mill, SC. These photos are from a month or so ago at the nearby Anne Spring Close Greenway.

Our entire last year was a blessing for which we are grateful. May each day be a blessing for all of you filled with gratitude and praise.

Lake Haigler
Another View of Lake Haigler

Visa – Six Sentence Story

It didn’t require a visa to get where Pete went only a willingness that none of us had to go through that unpromising hole-in-the-wall. Perhaps some of us should have gone with him to point the way back, but we didn’t care that much what happened to him so long as whatever it was didn’t happen to us.

Today decades later and buried in memories our delightful destinations reached their dead-ends. Admittedly we knew this would happen, but we didn’t think it would happen in next to no time.

Pete told us to come along, but were we still welcome in spite of demonic reminders that we were not? Was the breath that coughed its way through our lungs evidence that there was still a bit of mercy left even for the likes of us?


Denise offers the prompt word “visa” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories.

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