One-Liner Wednesday – Rain

Rainy, rainy drips and drops
flushed from cloudy water spouts
down and down until it stops.

Linked to Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesday.

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So many rooms I used to know
They all had much I miss.
Their windows, floors and doors would flow
With breathing just like this.

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Laura Bloomsbury is hosting with the theme of “rooms”.

Upstairs Toward the Blue
Upstairs Toward the Blue


Those boxed rectangles with bland colors offer some differentiation but that’s not enough.  The white is what’s important not what steps on it to stand out.

Unless those squares let white show through, there’s nothing they can do except to blandly block the view.

But then I heard and understood.  It’s not those ghostly squares.  They’re the victims.  It’s that deathly white itself, the very stuff I thought was pure. I almost didn’t see it.  Now I do, burying, as if it could, the light that would shine through.

            Empty restaurants
     Birds will nest in time for spring
          Water flows and falls

Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Kim Russell is hosting with the theme of Piet Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’.

New York City from the Empire State Building

Geometric Shapes

So many geometric shapes!
I toss the ones that will not do.
I take the lighter ones with smiles
And these I set in upright piles
As markers for my trail to you.

Linked to Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale offers the theme of “geometric shapes”.

Linked also to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. I have long realized that when my poems get shorter and shorter they become more like nursery rhymes. This past week that realization made me smile all the more.


Gogyokha – Five Lines

raindrops rainbow
storms boom and blow
rumblings and flow
of watery blue
so much I don't know

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Frank Tassone is hosting with five line Japanese forms. I picked the gogyokha since the only constraint appeared to be having five lines.



A portal really is a door,
A hole in solid wall.
A window shows us somewhat more,
But there is nothing like a door
To make us stand up tall.

Of course, we have to open it.
Oh, how we love the chair.
The monitor suggests we sit.
The door insists we open it
And wander on out there.

Linked to dVerse Poetics where Anmol is hosting with the theme of portals.

Entrance to a Garden

The World In Lockdown

On beaches blocked and empty
Oceans still will drum.
Seagulls once searched on this shore
For bread crumbs. They can find no more.
The sun turns slowly bright
To fix the morning with daylight
Discharging darker dreams of night.
The gulls arise and soar.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille. De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is hosting with the word “fix”.

Linked to Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale offers the theme of “The World In Lockdown”.

Also linked to Trent P. McDonald’s The Weekly Smile. I noticed this past week that the beaches are still closed, but the boardwalks are open. I do prefer walking on the boardwalks’ hard surfaces than on the soft sand, but the sand with bare feet washed by the waves is nice too. Things will change in ways I can’t imagine perhaps for the better and the thought of that makes me smile.

Beach Closed