It’s Spring

Dale offers the prompt “it’s spring” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

The first photos are of rabbits born in a large outdoor flower pot. They soon all hopped away. I think I saw the mother rabbit earlier that year look in on them hoping they were all right.

The second photo is of an Indiana corn field that had been harvested in the autumn and was now waiting to be prepared to be planted again likely with soybeans to help replenish the ground with nitrogen.

Baby Rabbits
Baby Rabbits
Indiana Harvested Corn Field in the Spring

Out in the Country

Dale offers the prompt “out in the country” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

The first photo was taken along a rural road in northwestern Indiana near the farm where I grew up. This is an agriculturally productive land out in the country where corn, soybeans and hay are raised on nearly fat fields.

The second photo is from a park in Colorado Springs providing a view of the mountains. In the distance is Pikes Peak. In the middle of the photo, if you know what you’re looking for, you can see the upright sedimentary rock formations known as “Garden of the Gods”. This is country also, but more mountainous than that in Indiana.

Spring Storm
Spring Storm, Northwestern Indiana
Pikes Peak from Colorado Springs

Straight Lines

Dale offers the prompt “straight lines” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

In the first photo there is the straight line of the horizon over Lake Michigan. The Chicago walkway by the lake provides even more straight lines.

In the second the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean provides a straight line along with the edge of the beach.

Lake Michigan
Atlantic Ocean

Intentional Camera Movement

Dale offers the theme “intentional camera movement” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

At first I wondered if my cheap phone could take such photos. So I focused in on the traffic in the street and moved the phone while clicking the photo button. After a few tries I got something like the first photo.

That gave me encouragement. So I took a bunch more.

The second photo contains Venus and Jupiter, top right, in the early evening sky. They show up better when they’re blurry. The building and traffic in the first photo is down on the bottom left of the photo.

My phone can take blurry images!
View of the Evening Sky with Two Blurry Planets

Up, Down and Sideways

Dale offers the prompt “up, down and sideways” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

The first photo is looking up directly at the sunrise. The second photo is looking down at the reflection of the sunrise on the water.

In the third photo the sunrise is off-center. I have to look (a bit) sideways to see it.

Sunrise Through Leaves
Looking Up at the Sunrise
Sunrise Reflection
Looking Down on the Reflection of the Sunrise
Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
Looking Sideways on the Sunrise

From an Interesting Angle

Dale offers the prompt “from an interesting angle” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

Trying to find an excuse to include these photos I thought the angle of the bird’s head standing on the boulders was interesting. The angles of the palm trees in the second photo made me think of an arch over the full moon.

View of Fisher Island (and a bird) from South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
Full Moon Rising Over the Atlantic Ocean at 72nd Street Miami Beach, Florida

As Night Falls

Dale offers the prompt “as night falls” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

The first photo is from Miami Beach some years ago. There is a new moon with Venus just below and faintly below that to the right is Jupiter. Of course, I might have misidentified these. I think I got the moon right. It will set soon as night falls.

The second photo was taken facing east over the Sea of Galilee. This full moon has just risen as night falls.

Moon Over Miami Beach
Full Moon Rising Over the Sea of Galilee

One Winter’s Morning

Dale offers the prompt “one winter’s morning” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Prompt.

At the moment I am in Florida, but the following photos are from a time in Northbrook, IL, when the winter morning was cold and snow was falling.

I still remember that morning. I am glad I went out to take photos. It is my idea of what winter is all about.

Cold and Bright Trail
Cold and Bright Trail
Techny Park, Northbrook, IL
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