North South East West

Dale offers the theme of “north, south, east, west” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

For the north I chose a photo from Lake Bluff, Illinois, showing a view of Lake Michigan from the top of the bluff.

For the south there are birds over a beach during a sunrise on Miami Beach, Florida.

For the east there is a sand turtle on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

For the west there is a deep red trail in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

North – Lake Michigan
South – Atlantic Ocean
East – Sand Turtle
Deep Red Trail
West – Red Trail

A Summer Walk in the Sunshine

Dale offers the theme “a summer walk in the sunshine” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

These were taken on walks through the forest preserves in northeastern Illinois.

In the first photo there’s an understory of small maples that the photo didn’t emphasize as much as my memory does. In the last photo I was amazed by the shadows cast of those particular leaves.

Maple Seedlings Understory
Maple Seedlings Understory
Sun Through Leaves
Sun Through Leaves

Focusing On Composition

Dale offers the theme “focusing on composition” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

I see composition as a harmony between overall elements although I am not sure what it is.

In the first photo there is the curve of the hill contrasting with the tall trees. In the second there is the circle of the gate focusing attention on the leaf, brick wall and light from the shaded window. In the last photo there are horizonal lines made by clouds, water and sky to provide the harmony.

Tennessee Rest Area on the Interstate
Patio Through Iron Gate
Atlantic Ocean, Clouds and Boat
Atlantic Ocean, Clouds and Boat

Nature in Black and White

Dale offers the prompt “nature in black and white” for this week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

I forgot how to take a colored photo and completely drain all the color from it, but then I realized I had pictures that naturally looked black and white without any modification.

So here are two photos of sand on beaches around Miami Beach. Hopefully they look black and white enough and the man-made beaches look natural enough to count.

Wave Coming in on South Beach, Miami Beach

Well Traveled Beach
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