Heart Off-Centered Beating

Off-center is that beating heart.
The rapids rush grows steeper
And those who’d reach the other side
Acknowledge that the river’s wide–
That heart is strong and deeper.

Written for dVerse Poetrics hosted by Michelle (Mish) featuring the artwork of Ally Saunders. The featured image, “Crossing the River”, is by Saunders. Her work may be viewed at http://allyart.ca/.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

29 thoughts on “Heart Off-Centered Beating”

    1. Thank you! I hadn’t thought of the poem adding something new to the painting, but when I think of your comment, strong rhythm and rhyme might be like the painting’s bright colors that a painting would not be expected to have.


  1. I’m following your site now and I love that you like ryhming in your work. I think you mentioned it already. Lol! Your poem is short, sweet and full of talent. The heart is very important, I can hear the rush of the river of blood.

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    1. Thanks, Bekkie! I’m following your blog as well. I like to use rhyme and meter and other sound techniques although I have tried prose poetry such as the dVerse’s haibun Mondays. Regardless of the techniques, I see the message of the poem as primary. The rhyme and meter only try to emphasize the message.

      I think you are planning to start an image prompt on February 4th. I will try to write something for it.

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      1. That is awesome Frank! Yes I set up the Blogger blog today the link is on CP. I don’t have many people yet but I will enjoy the poems that do get written. See you Sat. and thank you! Dr. Seuss spoke to me at a young age. Lol!

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