I don’t know why I wait for the Sun. It rises anyway and never says a word.

There must be something wrong with this. Why hope the morning’s newness breaks so I can know what’s really true? Why hope this beauty sets once it has finally risen?



Written for dVerse Haibun Monday Ekphrasis and Haiga hosted by Björn Rudberg.  Photo: “Birds and Sunrise” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

31 thoughts on “Sunrise”

  1. One of life’s great imponderables, why human nature longs for anything, since there’s always another longing waiting for when we reach the first one. The gulls have the right idea, watching, waiting, and taking advantage of what’s there without waiting for something better to come along. Great food for thought in this one, Frank.

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      1. It occurred to me, if I brought bread crumbs they would stop watching the Sun and the waves, but then I wouldn’t get that picture of them all lined up. Of course, a picture of seagulls going bananas in the sky with the rising Sun in the background might have also been nice.


  2. Because we keep hoping that the new dawn will wash us clean and enable us to start afresh? That night makes the bad things in our personal baggage go away? Because humans are pattern-making and metaphor-building machines?

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    1. Sometimes I want to figure things out more than they need to be figured out. But figuring them out might spoil their beauty and I probably would have figured them out wrong anyway. Thanks! I always enjoy a sunrise even when I don’t know why I am there enjoying it.


    1. Yes, it’s my own photo using a Samsung phone. I cropped it to emphasize those birds and give just a hint of the Sun.

      The second paragraph is too cryptic. If I use this elsewhere I will modify that part since it did not have the effect (even on myself) that I originally intended. That second paragraph was supposed to negate the whining in the first paragraph, but it was not clear.

      There is humor is listening to someone whine about a beautiful sunrise, especially with all those seagulls enjoying it. Thank you!


  3. I enjoyed the contemplation in this haibun. I suppose if we are still waiting for those sunrises and sunsets, we are still appreciating them and that’s always a good thing.

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