White Snow Last Night

Spot-on White.jpg

White, white, white and snowy bright
The snowscape piled high last night.
Winter wrapped its evening show
With spread-on-thick, wet, wondrous snow.
Today will bounce reflected light
From sad-cloud gray to spot-on white.

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar Impressionism hosted by Björn.
Linked to crow’s March 2017 Open Mic.
Photo by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

60 thoughts on “White Snow Last Night”

  1. Even better than reading your poem is listening to it! In my world we only had enough snow to discourage blooming daffodils and forsythia, and insult budding trees!

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  2. Snow is bland as yogurt, ready to take on the hue of all that touch it. I see that a huge swath of the east coast is suffering of winter’s arrogant last blasts. You may have it.

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  3. You’ve painted on layers with your use of repetition, rhyme and hyphenated adjectives, Frank, and I too was reminded of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’!
    I love the lines: ‘The snowscape piled high last night’ and ‘From sad-cloud gray to spot-on white’.

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    1. We just had a snow storm. I do walk in the snow wearing an insulated boot, but usually it is only to the library. However, when I lived in Maine I pruned apple trees in the winter and this required snow shoes since the snow was very deep especially in the drifts. It was peaceful work except for all of our chattering.

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  4. WeLL.. my FriEnd.. Frank..
    Spot on White.. a State of
    Weather iN a State of Flowers
    i must move all the way back
    to the Storm of the
    in ’93
    to A
    oN the Ides
    of March 13th..
    and before that in
    ’72 and ’73 back in
    years where some were
    frightened an Ice Age was
    coming again.. and yes.. i agree
    Spot on White is an excellent metaphor
    for the change from Sad Grey Clouds with my
    Favorite pArt oF Clearest Azure sKeYes of crystal dry
    air and the
    sNow is
    when it comes
    separated by decades
    of Novelty.. noW iN a world
    wHere HDTV and the Internet
    often supersEEds the Magic of Nature unleashed…
    Nice to see you on the dVerse tRail.. looks like i’LL
    only make two stops.. here and Glenn’s place for now..:)

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    1. I’ve seen heavier snow falls than what we had recently, but it was relatively calm and deep which made it pleasant. I was trying to express my wonder: what seemed like depressing gray clouds were able to produce such optimistic white snow. Thanks for the comment!

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