The Window

Same Window Different Views

A window gives the wall its sight
To spread day’s light
Or after day
Show stars at play.

The snow and rain caress its face.
It stays in place,
Much like the wall
That holds back all.

Its eye of curiosity
Stares patiently,
Helps laughter sing
The songs we bring.

Linked to dVerse Poetics “Looking Out / Looking In”.  Lillian is hosting with the theme of windows.
Photo: “Same Window Different Views” by the author.

I have also linked this to the imaginary garden with real toads’ Tuesday Platform.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

81 thoughts on “The Window”

  1. Great view, Frank! Is that a fountain in the top photo?
    I like the opening line very much and the thought that a window shows stars at play and that ‘The snow and rain caress its face’.

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    1. Yes, it’s a fountain. The reservoir was required to avoid flooding issues that the town has had problems with in the past. It is a long dug out depression leading to the rainwater drainage system. During the last heavy rainstorm we had it worked as expected. There is always some water in the reservoir to make it more attractive with a fountain, but it is not for swimming. Thanks, Kim!

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    1. Thanks, Charley! The view is westward and apparently it is the right Feng Shui for us according to my wife’s calculations. It is relaxing watching the Sun set and seeing Venus and Mercury in the early evening when they are present.

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      1. I only recently learned about it myself, and I’ve used it twice, but I will definitely use it more. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite forms. I want to write a minute poem about time, ironically enough. 🙂

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        1. I first heard of the minute form a few weeks ago from method two madness and they said they heard about it from you, Jane. Tomorrow it will be the dVerse form for all challenge.


  2. Well, 60 syllables in 60 seconds, with enough cheerfulness to make dread buoyant–this piece made me smile; may have cracked my face–cool images too.

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    1. I personified the wall and gave it an eye or window. The view is of a bridge that crosses a rainwater reservoir. Some of the water is left in the reservoir so fountains can make it look more attractive and it does look like a park when we walk outside. It worked well during the heavy rainstorm we had recently. Thanks, Alison!

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    1. Thank you, Sherry! When I walk in residential areas I also wonder about the lives contained in each of those different homes. They are mysteries. It is not just the views they might have from their windows, but how the people inside see those views and how they get along.


  3. I love your window views, both in photos and in words. The first line reads almost like an adage. By the way did we see the details of your top photo in the quadrille prompt yesterday? Those greenery by the pathway?

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    1. It probably could become an adage by itself. The greenery was in a park in the quadrille. It was about 10 miles or so from where we live. It was an entrance to the forest preserve which was closed because of flooding. I figured the river would be high, but I didn’t realize it would overflow the trail as well. It is still flooded with side roads blocked going across that river. Thanks, Sumana!


  4. I love your use of form, it works so well. You have a knack for sounding unforced (unfair of me – I know it’s lots of work to sound so natural) – and I love the series of images. I’m very nosy, so I’m enjoying people’s views.

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    1. I’m enjoying the views others have as well. It is a good way to get to know each other. The hardest part is finding something worth saying. I’m glad you liked the sound of the poem!


    1. There isn’t much they are going to see through that window. It is mostly blocked by plants growing near the window. But the window does allow viewing both ways. Thanks, Kerry!


  5. As much as Nature
    may disagree
    in terms
    of smell and taste
    and touch and general
    proprioception too.. what
    a gift a 4 inch window
    to view UniVerse
    as wHole
    coMes more..
    even pasty without sun
    moonlit without romance
    Still BRinGinG more as drones
    to the
    race as
    King and
    Queen Bees
    Dance and Sing..
    thank you Sheldon Cooper.. for opening
    Gates and getting Jobs done for Heaven’s throneS NoW..:)

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