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    1. I think we could try not to be stepped on. Most of our choices are made spontaneously, without rational consideration or even awareness. Those are our free choices because they aren’t dependent. I realize that some people don’t think such choices are possible. They believe every change can be explained deterministically or through uniformly distributed randomness. However, I think we also make free choices which adds something new to any system we are trying to describe mathematically.

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      1. I can see it as an idea opposite to Determinism. I can also see it as a Variable in Mathematical Equation. But I am always stumbled with the idea of subliminal and the concept of ‘manufacturing consent’ when it comes to making choices and human psyche. In the realm of thoughts a thought about a thought emerging out of unawareness would be considered a paradox. I think Free Choices can be considered as same, although I could be wrong..

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        1. One might be able to convert those choices into wave functions as is done in quantum physics. That would provide a mathematical model of them, but it would only be a probability that we would make a choice and what it would be. The model would not know for sure about any particular choice. I don’t know what “manufacturing consent” means. I do think something called “social mood” exists which constrains our free choices, but doesn’t make them for us. A thought would be a form of awareness and perhaps the start of a rational optimization process. This free choice would be prior to thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity to discuss these ideas!

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          1. It was a book by Herman and Chomsky. Later it got more streamlined in mixing the need to fuel excess consumption model(read spending) of economy with targeted advertisement. Hmm.. The ‘prior to thoughts’.. I have to agree its not something I would think.


  1. “My Imaginary Friend’s Three Imaginary Fears
    The End
    Oh! How Big You Are!
    Blaming the Moon
    What Flowing Water Makes Possible
    The End
    Big Stuff Small Stuff”

    — Frank Hubeny

    His Titles Poem

    It doesn’t matter how
    one paints as lonG aS
    one sees the Painting

    — God



    Hmm.. NoW the
    eNtire Masterpiece
    And tapestry aS Such
    WheeL oF NoW iLL WeLL
    DArk fiBErs sWirLinG eVeRy
    wHicH WaY WitH liGHT fiBErs
    beYond Rainbow Colors coMe To PLay.

    (Sort of like the ‘Wizard of OZ’ beginning scenes)

    i supPose the purPose
    is to continue to see more
    of it my friend and play
    with it
    kiTTen WiLL
    WiTh Fuzzy
    WArm Love
    than Stone BeFoRE..;)

    All the Gray Matter
    iS Hear
    C A T
    as dust long gONE..:)

    THeRe’s No Place Like Home
    Furry CaT Paws.

    And toTo oF cOURse Be.

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    1. Good point about our purpose being to continue to see more of it and play with it. I liked this poem:

      “His Titles Poem

      It doesn’t matter how
      one paints as lonG aS
      one sees the Painting

      — God” Thanks, Fred!

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