Lake Michigan

Chicago From Navy Pier

The east side of Chicago would be Lake Michigan, the most beautiful side of Chicago which I prefer experiencing from a dry distance since I can’t swim and I have no intention to learn. Hopefully this makes the city itself happy knowing that when I walk along the lakefront I prefer her beautiful arms.


Text: Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Bjorn hosts with the theme of “water”.  Come join us writing haibun.

Photo: “Chicago from Navy Pier” by the author.

Announcement: Christopher Fielden has accepted my story, “Keeping His Cool”, as Story 62 in Chris’s Colossal Cliche Count Writing Challenge, a 150-word-max humorous flash fiction challenge with the goal of using as many cliches as one can cram into that restricted space and hopefully still writing a readable story.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

61 thoughts on “Lake Michigan”

  1. You’re such a multi-talent fellow–it’s a joy to be in your company. The Great Lakes are cool. We have the inland sea, Puget Sound here in WA. Some of us are poor swimmers; taught ourselves–surely you can dog paddle.

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    1. I can swim for a few yards, I suppose, but my motions are not efficient and I would tire too quickly. What I normally do is wade out until waist height and then bend my legs so it looks like I am in deeper water than I really am. Thanks, Glenn!


  2. I think I understand. Even though I swim… and grew up in the City of Lakes… Chicago’s lakefront is not a place I would want to go for wading. Maybe the Michigan side… but only on a really quiet day.

    Beautiful city photo, though!

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    1. There are some beaches, but much of the lakefront is not easy to use for wading as you mention. I am glad you like the photo. It was the first time I tried a panorama shot with my phone. Thanks, Charley!


    1. I like to personify nature and environments. I think Ruskin called this the “pathetic fallacy” in the 19th century and argued against it, but I like to think of the city itself as being happy because of how I might or might not relate to it. Thanks!


  3. Hmm.. i tend to sink more than
    swim.. Heavy Bones i guess.. hehe..
    and as far as running goes it seems
    to me now that should be preserved
    (even though i did it decades before)
    for flight
    of fight..
    And true.. if Michael
    Flatley kept his bones
    closer to the Earth he
    would probably still be
    dancing now.. hmm.. what
    we come to desire now
    with culture
    a jump
    or swim too high..
    And oh Lord that Driving
    is the craziest thing ever
    And of course i do it too..
    but swim and run no
    no longer required for me..;)

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      1. Hmm.. Biloxi Beaches
        not too inviting for waist
        wading deep to me.. a little
        too Mouth of the Mississippi
        Dead Zone Gulf to me but
        sure always
        at Navarre
        Beach when
        “Jaws” is not out
        and about swimming our way..;)

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