9 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — Where Are You?”

    1. I’m not sure what it means either. I have a bunch of these one-liners prepared. I almost put this one up: A squirrel finds a partially eaten chocolate covered glazed donut with sprinkles dropped on the sidewalk, tastes it and concludes, ‘This could make me fat.’ After reading your post about Sammy, the squirrel, I wish I had, but I would be scratching my head with that one as much as this one.

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    1. Free will implies we can make a choice of some sort that is not the result of either determinism or randomness. We are free agents. Even if those choices can be explained, theoretically, as determined or random, one can still claim that is not actually what is happening when the choice is made. Bottom line: One either believes one has free will or one does not. Best “willing well” wishes to you, too, Fred!

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      1. True Semantics
        Are Free Will
        In A relative way
        Of letters
        One way
        Too now.. some
        Folks more
        Grey others
        All Colorful
        More Now
        As i
        Would Love
        For some one
        To pick
        What i
        True some
        Have more
        Than others
        In Grey at Least..:)


  1. “Unexpected Beauty
    Noisy Halloween
    Mask over Mask
    Where are You”

    -Frank Hubeny

    Hehe.. Frank another
    Potential Poetry Prompt
    for dVerse in make a Poem
    out of the Poet’s Last Four titles..
    the Commercial Advertisement should
    be enough
    to get
    with winks
    iT’s True YourS

    Titles Flow
    Rivers PoeticAlly..:)

    WiNks again as you might
    could call this a Fredbun too..
    as the last two lines relate to
    the rest of ‘this’ all that is..;)

    But it’s true too i never
    want the same labEL for anyThing….:)

    Hehex2.. my weekly prompt would be (wasis) Write
    Do a 30K Word Long Form Poem in one week..
    with at least 500 personally taken photos
    And YouTube Music to accompany all of it..
    in all of
    HiStory NoW Would Participate..
    like i said i never want the same laBEL for Anything..:)

    Memories oF A College Literature Assignment to Write One Creative PagE
    Firstly Secondly Thirdly noThing coMes out.. Yes.. Life
    Gets Better iF JusT Do..
    never give uP..
    As clicHe’s oFTeN
    Do JusT coMe FirST..;)

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    1. That is an interesting prompt to make a poem out of the title of previous poems. I like the idea of a Fredbun, but I don’t think I would be able to write 30K words in a week. I might be able to take 500 pictures although I don’t think I’ve taken that many in a week before. I remember those creative writing challenges from college. Writing one page came hard for me. Thanks, Fred!

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