Raiding the Castle on the Rocky Coast –#writephoto

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Why would someone build a castle there
Where soil is scarce and little wants to grow
Except for moss and plants who only care
I do not trample on them as I go?
Why do I bother making secrets show,
Break down their walls, expose some inner thing,
Pretend this makes me worthy to be king?

Linked to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto who also provided the photo.

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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

27 thoughts on “Raiding the Castle on the Rocky Coast –#writephoto”

          1. Some folks don’t believe in Muses. And that’s OK – but I think those who favor crime in action have that conscious/consistence button broken.

            Just on the news a man turned himself in for basically kidnapping and harming children. His conscious kicked in. But not so much for those who just take a gun and aim into a crowd.

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        1. There is a lot of activity that we perform automatically. We are not aware of the choices we are making, but we are still responsible for those choices. The rational part of the brain can only check so much that the gut or heart intends to do. I’m taking some of that from reading Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind” although I don’t completely agree with his assessment of moral foundations. His data, however, appears sound.

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          1. The only real choice anyone has is how they can react to something. Even if that means non-action.

            Like with my grandchildren. I don’t get them noisy toys because I don’t want their parents dropping them off in my care with noisy toys. And promoting acceptable choices. Like telling a child that it is time to get dressed and they can choose the red or the blue shirt, but not getting dressed isn’t an option.

            Too many parents give their children too many choices instead of actually parenting. You can be your child’s friend, but you need to be their parent first.

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