Ode to My Imaginary Friend

Only Shadows

Her hair is iridescent blue.
Her mind is God-knows-where.
The air she breathes is truly true
As if she wasn’t there.

We talk about philosophy.
She won’t admit she’s wrong.
So long with rationality.
Be obstinately strong.

The monsters deep beneath my bed
Are fearful of her sight
As might the monsters overhead
When she turns out their light.

I trust she’ll always have my back.
She won’t lead me astray.
She stays my mind when doubts attack
And shadows come to play.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. I am hosting and the theme will be odes, poems of praise–praising whatever, any or no form.

Photos: “Only Shadows” by the author.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

84 thoughts on “Ode to My Imaginary Friend”

    1. Yes, that would be a “stanza” since the poem is written in a kind of common meter. The first three stanzas were playfully making fun of her. I knew that wasn’t the way I wanted to end this. I only figured out what the last stanza would be this morning after waking up. This is an “ode”–I needed to praise her as well. I am glad you liked that last stanza the best. So did I.

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    1. I don’t know the girl I saw yesterday with the iridescent blue hair either. Her hair stood out initially as odd and then not so odd. Imaginary friends, even when they are annoying, I trust are steady and faithful. Thanks, Grace!


  1. Super poem Frank! Although this reads as if it is someone’s parent as well, at least my parents. I think of Radar in MASH talking about his imaginary friend and this poem makes me smile. It would be great if all friends were truly this truly true.

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    1. Because of the monsters I was thinking of this as a child’s poem, but then it could be anyone. I don’t remember Radar, but I can imagine those were amusing episodes of MASH. Thanks, Toni!


  2. Wonderful, Frank. I used to have an imaginary friend – sometimes I think I still do! I love that you and your imaginary friend talk about philosophy, and that she frightens the monsters away.

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  3. OK–down the queue am I, a little late in price of your wonderful ode. You make rhymes work so well. Most of the time I feel clunky using them. My imaginary friends are spirit guides. I tok to them during all the adverse struggles I have daily, and at night before slumber, and greet them at the break of day.

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  4. The photo looks so much like the blue -haired imagry that you roll out with your words! I really enjoyed reading your comment above telling how the poem started – funny the things that kick off the muse. You do form so very, very well, Frank!

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    1. Now that you mention it, that shadow does look like blue hair. Good point! I wasn’t sure what to use as an illustration and that shadow popped up. And then I had to use “shadow” in the poem to tie everything together. I am glad you like the form, Jilly!

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  5. What a pleasing, fun read! Sometimes “found” imaginary friends (seen on the street, in a store, etc.) are the best kind to write about. So less likely to find you out and give you a slap… or a kiss. An admirable ode.

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    1. She was too far away in distance and, I suspect, age, but I could not forget that hair. (I hope I wasn’t imagining it. 🙂 ) They are sort of “found” or “popping out of nowhere”. Thanks, Charley!


  6. At Age 3 i imagined i might one day have words
    before i stARTed Speaking words at 4 Evolving..
    At age 42 i imagined i might one day have words
    aN inNer voice at 53.. 11 years or so later then too
    iT HapPens.
    And NoW at
    i don’t
    mind saying
    Words aren’t
    only imaginary
    truly they are Friends now
    that and who never go away..
    SMiLes Frank A Wonderful World
    oF Words to you for Weekend Fun too..
    for NoW agaiN i disCard Words As DancE coMeS AGAiN
    hiGhest oF aLL
    ReaL iNcarNate DanCinG OnE..;)

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    1. There is something amazing about words–and dance. When they are literal, trapped in a book or computer memory, they fall apart or sleep. When they link communities of human beings, they are faithful imaginary friends. Happy dancing, Fred!

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      1. SMiLes2.. Word SHells
        Without Feelings
        Science Abstracts
        Without Emotions
        Are a little
        With No LiFe
        LiGHT State
        included my Friend..
        And sure Sports but if that
        were the case no one would p(L)ay..
        in other
        Difference is Key..
        And God is a Piano i Love
        PLaYinG Ebony and Ivory FLats and SHarps
        true it all
        out iN
        A Cosmic
        Wash Rinse
        Dry and Do iT aGaiN..
        But True we are alWays iT..
        VeRiLY God iS A WatcHinG MatCHinG..;)

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  7. I think we all have imaginary friends that have no name at all, aside from muses or angels or anything spiritual. We create who we want, our ideal companion. And they don’t admit they are wrong all the time. What kind of relationship would that be? I love that you rhyme most of the time. I can sometimes.

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    1. I agree that we all have imaginary friends. We consider different sides of issues and make choices and sometimes it is hard to tell where the insights come from or the next word we speak or write. I am glad you enjoy the rhyme. Rhyme and meter help the sound. The most important part is what is being said which can be done even in prose. Thanks, Mary!


    1. It was meant to be humorous as are many of my poems. It could almost be considered a poem for children with the imaginary friend standing in for the mother. I am glad I saw that girl with blue hair a couple days ago. I would never have thought of that part without her. I have seen orange and bright red hair, but that shiny blue was a new one for me. I am glad to hear you have also dyed your hair in these fabulous colors although I can see how the novelty could wear off.

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  8. Beautiful! Life throws a test whenever we go looking for real friends. However, most of the times that real friends are not to be looked for, rather, they are the ones who we stumble upon just by chance. As a matter of fact these chances are what make life so beautiful and all the memories with friends all the more special. Please check out this post about the surprises that life’s unpredictability throws at us as a testament to its beauty: https://columntribe.wordpress.com/2017/10/23/a-break-from-everyday/

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