Winter Sun Through Trees

The Earth wears cloudy sunglasses today
And smiles as warmth gets through to us today.

The wind sleeps all the afternoon away
And trees have nothing much to do today.

The Earth eclipsed the Moon last night and may
Bare trees eclipse the Sun’s dim light today.

Flying birds herd like a song. They sway.
I wish my camera would turn on today.

Forgive that camera. Now, enjoy their play.
You saw them, Frank. That’s all that counts today.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. Paul is hosting with the ghazal form as the theme. I am also linking this to Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays.

Photos: “Winter Sun Through Trees”, above, and “Earth Wears Cloudy Sunglasses”, below.

Earth Wearing Cloudy Sunglasses

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

58 thoughts on “Today”

    1. I wish I had a video of those starlings or sparrows or whatever they were going from tree to tree as a large group. It was impressive, but even without that video I don’t think I’ll forget them. I’m now looking for them when I walk. Thanks, Paul!


  1. I used to prefer not having a camera on my travels, as it allowed me to “paint a thousand words”, which I prefer over images. And sounds too like a peaceful day for you here, with no optical lenses between your eye and all of nature.

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    1. What happened was I was taking so many photos with my phone that it shut off (because it is a bit old). All the photos in the post were taken just prior to seeing those birds. However, I think it is good to also just look as you suggest. Thank you, Amaya!


    1. Just being there is enough. Many times I forget to use the camera on the phone. Yesterday, the weather was so warm and the Sun was so sheltered by the clouds, I wanted to take more photos than my phone would let me. Thank you!

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  2. Oh, Frank, I love this poem! Is this the first time you’ve done the ghazal form? (I read what you wrote about getting used to the repetition.)

    For me when I read this, I had such a sense of compassion, and gentle encouragement:
    “Forgive that camera. Now, enjoy their play.
    You saw them, Frank. That’s all that counts today.”

    Very interesting! Thank you! I’m happy to share this for #ForgivingFridays tomorrow. Your poetry really moves me …. I often sit with them and re-read them. Blessings to you, Frank! ~Debbie

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    1. I think I tried a ghazal before but I couldn’t get a sense of the sound with all that repetition. This is the first one I completed. I am glad you liked it, Debbie! Blessings to you as well!


  3. Love these photos and the ghazal. It reminds me of when I was in a village near Stonehenge trying to charge up my video camera. The shopkeeper told me how he was driving past the stones at dawn and how the light and mist were appearing. He was disappointed he didn’t have his camera. Said he would have gotten rich with that shot. I told him he was rich for having seen it.

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  4. Still great photos and I like your little rhyming poem. The rhymes make it more playful and hopeful than disappointed 🙂


  5. your poem is good advice to me to not always reach for my camera but look to appreciate what I see with my eyes. I like earth wearing cloudy sunglasses, like wiped over with a dirty cloth, that was a very clever description of a day of mixed emotions.

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    1. I am glad you liked the cloudy sunglasses. When I was walking I thought to myself it is so overcast, I could take a picture of the Sun. Then I got out my phone. Most of the time I don’t even notice the Sun, but appreciating it without a camera handy is good as well. Thank you, Gina!

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  6. Ha!.. this reminds me of
    the Battery on my Smart
    Phone going dead on
    mY Beach
    And my
    GPS Watch
    too as it balked
    after 11 miles or so
    of Dance true though
    i had another Smart
    Phone of Old
    in my
    but the memory
    is too filled up to do
    anything other than
    Provide a Show Tune for
    Public Dance True though
    Dance too is a
    oF iTs
    own too..
    But oh Lord NoW
    so much back-up
    these days of Luxury
    Tools that continue to bRing
    both art and science to give and share..
    true though now
    i too appreciate
    a Barren
    through the
    Sun for Quiet Beauty too..
    iN oTHeR Words Abundance is Plenty.. Too.. D..:)

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    1. My phone is old and it sometimes shuts off, but I was taking a lot of pictures. I wanted to get a video of those birds. I do have a battery that I sometimes bring along on walks in case the phone’s battery stops, but I forgot to bring it with me today. I know from your posts you take a lot of photos as well. Thanks, Fred!

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