Winter Spring

Fruit Waiting

Winter blows the blue flames out.
Those living will move on.
Memories are all about.
Some graying dreams are gone.

The Sun may burn but we are cold.
With Spring we hesitate.
Perhaps in time we may feel bold.
Now we rest and wait.

Text: Linked to dVerse Quadrille Monday with theme word “burn”. Victoria C. Slotto is hosting.

Photos: “Fruit Waiting”, above, and “Waiting for Spring”, below.

Waiting for Spring

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

71 thoughts on “Winter Spring”

  1. I used the sun burning in my quadrille to, but mine was more apocalyptic. I like how you set it up so that two realities can simultaneously exist and be felt. And yes, we do have to wait to feel the sun’s heat, no matter the season.

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  2. Sunny Spring waits for the end of old man Winter. Those berries remind me of the ones outside my window. The birds eat them after they have fermented and get loaded, then unload on my car

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  3. “Those living will move on.” There’s something so poignant and haunting about that line. The melancholic tone of the first stanza resonates with my own mood in these days of waiting for spring to poke its head around the corner.

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    1. It does assume there are those who did not make it. When thinking about the poem I was looking at an annual that was in a pot on our patio left over the winter. It leaves seeds which will grow if I don’t put something in the pot, but it did not move on. Thank you, Kern! I am glad you liked that. I thought it haunting as well.


  4. Enjoyed the visual delight of those berries, Frank. I’m surprised your trees still have dried edibles attached. Our winters are too severe and make all flora totally barren.

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