Broken Fence

Deep Green Looking Up

The Fredericks bought Adkins Estate with farmhouse, barn and sheds. The farm maintained itself from land rentals to local farmers. There was also a notorious fence separating it from ancient Indian burial grounds.

That’s why they bought it. They planned to rent rooms to people wanting to spend the night in a haunted house.

They repaired the buildings but broke the fence to make it look spookier. They called their website “Visit Fredericks’ Freaky Ghost House”.

Many rented rooms and left five-star reviews until it became known that after changes to the fence, the ghosts no longer felt welcome.

Linked to Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch flash fiction challenge with the prompt “broken fence”. Stories are required to be exactly 99 words excluding title. I searched, but I could not find Frederick’s Ghost House. Just in case there is such a place, this is a work of fiction.

Photos: “Deep Green Looking Up”, above, and “Where There’s Sun There’s a Shadow”, below. These don’t look spooky to me, but perhaps I am not looking close enough.

Where There's Sun There's a Shadow

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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  1. Sometimes change just doesn’t go over well — even with ghosts. I enjoyed your reading and photos. When I was a kid, I knew where the old Washo burial ground was. No markers, just sunken graves in the middle of the forest a half mile outside town. It was on the way to an old tree fort kids from the 1940s had built. This was the 1970s and we skirted that fenced area, never wanting to let those ghosts out!

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    1. I remember walking through an old Indian burial ground in northeast Wisconsin around Sheboygan. Without the trail markers explaining what it was I would have missed it. Thank you, Charli!

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  2. This Reminds me of the Fence my Mother
    Put around my Grandmother’s Grave
    i passed by it when i took my Wife
    to Work early
    in the Morning
    for my Mother
    was Afraid someone
    would step on her Grave
    but true all the Fence Did
    Was Keep the Weeds in as
    the Rest of the Graves Laid
    Neatly Manicured
    by the Lawn
    Every Week..
    True most all of
    my Family is Conservative
    Like this except for my Sister and me
    as My Mother and my Father and Our
    Son are Ashes that sit upon a Book Case now
    True though
    they live
    on in
    my Personal
    Bible long After
    the ashes and stones
    left unmarked from Soul..:)

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