Mundane Green with Setting Sun

The everyday is everywhere in sight
And I am wearied looking at its face.
It doesn’t seem to shine with truer light.
Its presence makes me think of wasted space.
But I’m the one who’s stumbling without grace.
Your smile is all I need to let me see
The mundane blessed afresh with mystery.

Text: Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. I am hosting Meeting the Bar today.  We are celebrating dVerse’s seventh anniversary with septets, seven-line poems. There are no constraints on the poems for this prompt except that they have seven lines or contain seven line stanzas.

Photos: “Mundane Green with Setting Sun”, above, and “Mundane Car with Rainbow Light”, below.

Mundane Car with Rainbow

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

70 thoughts on “Mundane”

  1. A beautiful read on the amazing gift of everyday blessings. I specially love these lines:

    Your smile is all I need to let me see
    The mundane blessed afresh with mystery.

    Thank you for hosting!

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  2. I am enamored most especially with the last two lines.
    ah yes….the beauty of the mundane. I’m reminded of how, these almost five years now since my husband’s cardiac arrest and literally miraculous recovery, we often say, boring is good 🙂

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  3. Nice thoughtful hopeful septet. Yup, we’ve all been there /stumbling without grace/. I appreciate your injection of white light in my dun day.

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  5. kaykuala

    Your smile is all I need to let me see
    The mundane blessed afresh with mystery.

    How a smile can create beautiful reactions in the mind! Positively thinking, Frank! Great!


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  6. Your photos show such beauty, not at all mundane but guess the poem really suggests with its final twist that we need to share our world with someone who can smile and lighten us up!

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  7. “Your smile is all I need to let me see
    The mundane blessed afresh with mystery.”

    By coincidence, I have lately been thinking about those few things in life that bring about to some extent or another a renewal, a rebirth in us. Certainly they include unconditional love — I think that’s the greatest of them. But also perhaps to a lesser extent, beauty, gratitude.

    Very good poem.

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  8. Much our lives are repetitive routine, but it truly is our fellow humans and nature’s beauty that keeps the sense of wonder and mystery, lovely well structured poem, with a sweet nuanced contrapuntal twist. Beautiful

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    1. I hear that smiling (even when one does not feel like it, but not so much laughing) can makes one’s body healthier. I suspect smiling can’t hurt–unless its scary. 🙂 Thank you, Mark!

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