Yellow Smiles

The puzzle I am working on
Likely won’t get done.
Too many pieces might be lost–
I find another one!

My puzzles rest when I’m asleep.
The day has lost its light.
Like a child may angels keep
Me safe through day or night.

Text: Linked to dVerse Quadrille. Mish is hosting and the prompt word is “puzzle”.

Photos: “Yellow Smiles”, above, “Evergreen Green”, below.

Evergreen Green

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

57 thoughts on “Puzzle”

  1. Angels & spirit guides & higher Self have led me into some very dark spaces. Now battered & off-balance, I do wonder what lessons I have learned from suffering?

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      1. now that’s an interesting thought, as you’ve presented it here, Frank, so much so that I had to stop and think on it for some time, and reply to this reply;

        not everyone learns from another’s suffering – one has to know of another’s suffering, and see it – to truly understand it, layer by layer, non-judgmentally – in truthful compassion, empathy etc.
        and if it isn’t revealed, or one has not the inclination to see, to know – then the lessons go on, yes, but the meanings and possibility of another benefiting and learning are lost – in that moment –

        so then, what? which is maybe why “feelings of futility and purposelessness” seem to breathe the fires of hell …

        (just a rhetorical question here – and musings – and curiosity, too)

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        1. We aren’t isolated individuals. We are tied deeply with empathy, but we won’t know what the other person is really experiencing. We can guess and then maybe we can learn something. Maybe not, but the opportunity is there.

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          1. An interesting perspective to be sure …. but from where I sit, and from so much of what I’ve witnessed, there is an awful lot of selfishness and “blindness” going on. At any rate …. it is possible. Some “come to it” sooner than later. Others not. C’est la vie.
            And thanks for answering my musings ~ it is appreciated Frank.

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    1. I tried to make it sound like a lullaby and hopeful have some sense to convey although I don’t know what that sense is at the moment any more. Thank you, Jo!


  2. There’ll be more and more puzzle pieces missing as time goes on in our life. They may show up later and they may not. I just look at the part that is done. A nice poem. Thank you for sharing, Frank.


      1. You’re welcome, Frank. I remember putting a puzzle together, especially the ones with thousands of pieces, I have to ignore some missing pieces. Somehow if they’re not lost, they’ll come up eventually. Hopefully, I could say the same in life,

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  3. My puzzles rest when I’m sleep.

    now that is a captivating line – intriguing in itself – and not for the unexpected “missing ‘a’ ” ….

    as someone else mentioned, this has a lullaby feeling to it, a prayer too – as if both the release is a reset and allowance for things to work themselves out (which they tend to anyhow) in sleep and/or dreams – or just generally, as they tend to do in waking life … no matter how much we fret and puzzle over it all …

    interesting 44 here …. leaves me wondering and yet content 🙂

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    1. Actually, it was supposed to be “I’m asleep”. I just changed it. Or perhaps it meant something totally different earlier in the day that I don’t quite remember. I usually try to write metrical lullabies. I figure if the poem doesn’t make sense may it will at least sound good. Thank you!

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