The box presents its mystery—
We open hoping we may see
What’s hidden, true or otherwise,
Disguised by sides of secrecy.

And so

Disguised by sides of secrecy.
What’s hidden, true or otherwise,
We open hoping we may see—
The box presents its mystery.

Text: Linked to dVerse Quadrille hosted by De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) with the prompt word “Box”. The poem is a kind of “reverse” poem. Some of its lines, but not necessarily all of them, are repeated in reverse order. I will be featuring this form on Thursday at dVerse.

Photos: “Skyscape”, above, “White Blossoms White Clouds”, below. Think of them as boxed in by the cloudy sky.

White Blossoms White Clouds

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

78 thoughts on “Box”

  1. Oh, my, Frank. This is that voodoo that you do…crafting a piece of exactly 44 words, and somehow ninja-boxing all kinds of other tricks in there, too. Rhyme. Rhythm. Form. Goodness. Well done, Sir.

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  2. Yes, the accolades pile up celebrating your cleverness and creativity. Your form resembles several classic ones; bravo.

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  3. This made me think of opening a box of secrets and closing it quickly because we didn’t like what we saw…better left a mystery. Wonderful, Frank.

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  4. The backward walk presents a different view with the same words. I like how first the poet just wants to see what is in the box, but later wants to see the concept that boxes hold a mystery. Really enjoyed this.

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      1. start at the top, put the gear in neutral, glide to the bottom and up the next side, and see where it settles. 😉 but then I am not much of a physicist, so I don’t know if my advice will get you back to where you started as elegantly as you did in your poem. 😉 Be well Frank.

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        1. I didn’t make up the reverse poem. People write these things and call them “reverse poems”. However, I didn’t know they existed until last week when Grace pointed them out to me.


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