Pumpkin Pile

The name means “free”, or so I have been told.
I share it with my ancestors as well.
May freedom bring its blessings to us all—
Forgetting not the smallest one of us.

Linked to dVerse Poetics. Amaya Engleking is hosting with the theme to take our names and write about them.

This Thursday, I will be hosting Meeting the Bar at dVerse with the theme of iambic pentameter in general. This poem is an example of iambic pentameter used in blank verse.

Photos: “Pumpkin Pile”, above, and “Orderly and Free”, below.

Orderly and Free

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

58 thoughts on “Frank”

  1. Freedom is illusory, hard to own, to practice–until the roar of the mob, and the crunch of jackboots remind us of what we can lose.

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  2. kaykuala

    Freedom is a blessing. To be named freedom is to be privileged with extending the feelings of friendship and wanting to share the privilege!


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  3. SMiLes Frank.. i asked my Sister
    and the Name of that Butterfly as
    in Butterfly Affect and Effect
    is Giant Swallowtail
    in Particular
    the Male
    Form of that Insect
    and i found it interesting
    that my Desire to Learn more
    About People Names too
    came True
    Here at
    dVerse after
    i commented that back to
    you but true a similar thing
    happened with Yuck too for the
    Monday Prompt but with the Third
    Strongest Hurricane to Ever Hit the US
    And never to Hit the US in October down
    the Road where Michael Usually Means
    Close to God as my Wife Katrina whose
    Name Means Pure with the Middle
    Name of Mia that is a Form
    of Michael too i suppose
    God Works in
    Michael now too
    with the Dow Dropping 800
    Points in tandem with 919 Millibars too
    anyway i like Patterns as most Humans do too by Name of Being
    or not too..:)

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    1. I noticed the drop in the Dow Industrials today as well. We’ll see what happens there. I hope you didn’t have too many problems with the hurricane. I’m sure many did. Thank you, Fred!

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