Remnants of Grandma’s Parlor by Doris B. Myers

Prairie Writers Guild - NW Indiana

A painting by Doris Myers A painting by Doris Myers

   Memories are the remnants of Grandma's 
Parlor, shining through
   like a full moon on a fall night
A settee with horse hair batting, upright
   piano, marble top stand, cane chairs,
   lace curtains and area rug
Parlor protected, saved only for Sundays

Poem and artwork by Doris B. Myers. Linked to dVerse Open Link Night.

Detail of a painting by Doris Myers Detail of a painting by Doris Myers

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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

8 thoughts on “Remnants of Grandma’s Parlor by Doris B. Myers”

  1. Smiles.. Parlors Saved For Sunday Conversations Among
    Loved ones Without Electronic Devices is surely
    The Warmth of a Grandmother’s
    Home From the Not
    So Distant
    That Still
    Will Be Found
    in Homes Among
    Elders Old Enough Now
    To Remember When Humans
    Actually Touched Each other
    Face to Face with No Electricity
    At all before Wireless was even
    in the Imagination of Science then
    And A Show
    on the
    Radio was
    To 5 Inch
    Worlds now
    That Become
    Our UniVerse
    As Avatars Us
    However For Those of us
    Who Do not Ride on Big Big
    Boats and Planes What Other
    Way is there to Circle the Globe
    And Meet Such Wonderful People
    in Foreign Lands.. True i do Love
    The Peoples of 5 Inch Screen
    Avatar Life too For You
    Can and Will Almost
    Feel Little Spirit
    Beings Rising
    Now Out of
    the Screen As
    it my understanding Now
    That Underneath Each and
    Every Avatar is a Flesh and
    Blood Human who is Still Alive..
    Other Than That Frank Thanks For
    The Memories Versus the Future of Now..:)

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