Nasty Troll

Might Look Like a Troll
No one knows why my troll’s bad.
I think because he’s rarely glad
When someone wandering passes by.
I cross his bridge and yell out, “Hi!”

He blames me then for being there -
“Being noisy everywhere!”
He’s justified to shout at me,
Reverberating mystery.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille. I am hosting with the word “troll”. Come join us with a 44-word poem using the word “troll” in some form in the poem.

Tossed to Shore

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

65 thoughts on “Nasty Troll”

  1. Your rhyme scheme makes the piece more lyrical and light. Perfect amount olf fun and humor to illustrate your prompt.

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      1. I always enjoy the pics you decide to include, not necessarily because of artistic qualities, but because it helps show parts of your mind beyond the poems.
        Question 1: Is the first pic here a pareidolia of your troll? It is a charcoal you drew or the accidental smudge of your five-cloven imaginary beast?
        Question 2: Is the last picture the famously ancestral horseshoe crab minus a tail?
        Lastly, as a critical comment on the poem: You last line seemed awkward to me. Like sanaarizvi comment below, I liked the lightheartedness of the poem until the last like which seemed to try to behave to vainly throw deep meaning and poetic beauty or use the mystical to signal virtue or reflective amazement at the reader. I think it is best to actually use the story to give feeling or meaning, instead of yelling to the reader: “Hey, look, I am deep. This is really mysterious and heavy.” Or actually, to not go that way at all. But that is just the opinion of this one silly reader. Most people probably love that stuff. Me, I loved the smudgy troll pareidolia. By the way, I wrote a little on the function pareidolia here, if interested.

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        1. You’re right about the last line. It doesn’t quite make sense to me. The first picture is a footprint of a dog in snow that looked to me like a face and then like a troll’s face if you see the bottom three marks as “teeth”. The second picture was just something that popped up when looking at Google Photos and I hoped I could get away with using it. And if not, try, try again. Thank you, Sabio!


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