Reason Circles Me

After the Downpour
There’s reasoning that wants to go nowhere.
It circles back to check if I am weak
To tempt me with its nonsense, if I dare,
And if I don’t suggest that I’m too meek
Or impotent to take what it would seek.
I walk and hope each step leads to the goal.
I like those geese, obedient and whole.
I like the trees who don’t have much to say.
I like contentedness without control
Unlike this devil circling me astray.

Linked to dVerse Meeting the Bar. I am hosting and we are continuing with the poetic form, the dizain. This is a poem with 10 lines, 10 syllables per line and a rhyme pattern: ABABBCCDCD. Come join us!


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

34 thoughts on “Reason Circles Me”

  1. I like the focus and perseverance in this. We too often give in to whim and temptation. Strong will is enviable.

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  2. Oh man, Frank, you knocked another one out of the park. The thing about reason is that it is the sole domain of the mind, and the mind likes to be large and in charge. The scenario you lay out is a no-win situation, where, even if you turn it down, it circles back and puts you down regardless of how choose. Then you move on to the lovely 2nd half, outlining a way without a way.

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  3. There’s nonsense everywhere. No weakness in acknowledging it. But blind obedience has many pitfalls as well. The devil is wily, best to stay alert.
    And the trees are talking, just not enough people listening.
    You use the form well, and spark thought. (K)

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  4. An inspiring read Frank in a beautiful poetic form. The last 2 lines stood out for me:

    I like contentedness without control
    Unlike this devil circling me astray.

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  5. Wandering Thoughts
    Nature Plays
    No Words
    to Distract
    Nature Dances
    Sings Without a Thought
    Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts
    What are You But Thoughts Thoughts
    A Dance
    And Song
    Never Ends
    Without Thoughts
    Thoughts Thoughts Nature Plays
    Hi Frank Been Corralling Some Loose
    Thoughts Down “Old Town Road” New
    Town Old Town Dance Song Comes Next..:)

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