35 thoughts on “Christmas Gift”

  1. SMiLes Frank Merry Christmas on this
    Day in Deed.. i’ll Read this to be About
    Our Shadows Our Aggressions and Lusts
    All About Life as some folks Name Emotions
    Weak Yet they are the Real Strength That Drives
    Most of The ‘Reasons’ We take Before We even
    Actually ‘know why’.. As A Shadow that is
    Not Well Rehearsed Will Not Come out
    to Play and iNstead Master Us instead…
    SMiLes ACRoSS the Life Span Still
    Star Wars to Fight
    Within more
    Than Any
    Light Outside
    For Victory in Peace and
    Harmony of Joy Even more..:)

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  2. One on my previous mentors favored according to quote Madge beside the historic chamber detergent advertisements at a period like this: “You’re soaking between it.” Happy Holidays, Frank!


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