Morning Storm

The week was hot and Gloria listened to her grandson Brian justify the latest rally with such fervor that she felt his self-righteousness pummel her aging body.  She was young once herself, but she wished Brian didn’t have to learn things the hard way just as her father wished the same for her.

In response to her objections Brian increased the force of his argumentation until his mother, tired of overhearing them, called to him from the kitchen.  Wiping her eyes Gloria wondered why people couldn’t see how easy it was to waste their short lives.

Brian agreed to apologize and the next morning he brought in a tray with his grandma’s breakfast, but after trying he couldn’t wake her. He yelled for his dad while outside a storm began pounding a heavy shower battling the heat wave.

Linked to GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Story with the prompt word “shower”.

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Thunder Showers Coming

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

43 thoughts on “Shower”

  1. What a sad memory he will have wishing he had apologized sooner.
    I think it is a common occurrence of an older generation recognizing some behaviors in their posterity that reminds them of themselves earlier on and wishing they could somehow help them take a different path to avoid the pitfalls.

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  2. I too like the lack of judgement. Your story make the reader consider the effects of their own actions (although in my own family the arguments would continue on both sides from beyond the grave) (k)

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  3. “If youth only knew, if age only could”. It’s good for us senior citizens to debate with the younger generation, we might learn from each other. A poignant story, Frank. Hopefully, Brian won’t be racked with guilt for the rest of his life.

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