Lava Hot

Fallen Tree Among August Flowers

When twelve Brett told his aunt that chickens were dinosaurs. She laughed. What a stupid kid.  

Brett’s mind was lava hot, hot enough to melt chaos into understanding.  After reading that chickens were dinosaurs he looked at the hens in the chicken house who’d peck when he reached for the eggs they were sitting on differently.

True, they were smaller.  True, they had feathers.  True, they didn’t really run like Tyrannosaurus Rex.

When seventy another nugget of reality melted in his ever hot lava lamp of understanding. What if his old aunt was right? What if they weren’t dinosaurs?

Linked to Carrot Ranch’s August 6th Flash Fiction Challenge. Charli Mills offers the theme of molten lava, real or metaphoric, for the 99-word stories.

August Blooms

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

22 thoughts on “Lava Hot”

  1. Clever flash, Frank! I was just thinking that my daughter’s chickens do run like T-rex! More interesting, is how you caught the bursts of thinking and the length of processing in between thoughts.

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  2. Men or Mice
    Men Are Mice
    Indeed Sharing a Common
    Rodent Ancestor 75 MiLLioN
    Years ago coming after an Asteroid
    Plunging into the Earth MaKinG the
    Gulf of Mexico 66 Years ago MaKinG
    the Previous Dinosaurs into
    Migrating Birds
    With Smaller
    That We
    Fry Sunny Side
    Up to Reflect the
    Star Dust We aRe ALL
    Star Seed and FLoWeRS From
    Crucible Fires of Super Nova Star
    FLoWeR Seed Gaseous Dust All of Us Now
    So At Least
    We KNoW
    Now Who
    Came First
    The Chicken or
    Egg inDeed Dancing
    With the Stars in Big Bang Song Ways..;)

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      1. SMiLes True Some
        Folks See the Depth
        Of ‘The Story’
        Is Both DusT
        Us And All With SMiLes
        Love Breathes
        Eternally NoW iN
        me too Eternally
        Gift Now
        Me Worth
        Doing This
        God Of Love
        Now For it is Still
        True Science Has
        No Tool Worthy
        Of Observing
        And Measuring
        This Eternal God
        LoVE NoW Within
        Be God BLinD
        This Way and
        Finally Is Grown
        Up Enough
        Out of
        To Admit
        What Science
        Is Blind to ‘See’ Now
        Indeed the Irony
        i Find
        The Real
        Of Love
        That No
        Will Ever Prove
        Does Not Exist
        While Art of Love Does🎨

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