Crescent #writephoto

Sue Vincent's photo for the Thursday Photo Prompt: crescent-moon
The moon approaches for a kiss.
Her crescent smile appears like this
And as she moves to greet the sun
She's clothed in light til day is done.

Linked to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. She provided the photo above.

Sue Vincent's Image for #writephoto
Sue Vincent’s Image for #writephoto

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

25 thoughts on “Crescent #writephoto”

  1. Marco Rushed to the Gulf to Give Laura A Kiss…
    Marco Gave Up… Laura it Seems Is Still A Bit Pissed…
    Now Laura’s Mother Nana Is Starting to Get Upset too..
    But See It’s Really Her
    Mother Nature
    Fuming Now
    90 Degrees F iN Gulf
    With Open Arms for
    All of Her Other Young
    Children Growing in the
    Atlantic With a Little Help From Humans too…
    Such Ocean Warmth These Children Spread.. indeed they Do..
    So Powerful too… Laura with the Strength of 10,000 Nuclear Bombs…
    i See Godzilla
    on the Radar…
    Tail Currently
    Tucked Between His Legs…
    Perhaps He’LL-STiLL-Talk-To-Night…
    At Least
    i got
    to See
    Him once
    So Far Today
    i thought He was
    Green Maybe He is
    Now But True He is Orange too..;)

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