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Sue Vincent's photo tokens-1 for Thursday Photo Prompt
It’s over there
If you would see,
If you’re not scared
Of mystery.
Unlock your mind,
Walk out and find

Linked to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. The photo above was provided by Sue Vincent for this prompt.

The poem’s form is called a Ha’sonnet, assuming I did it right.

Sue Vincent's Image for #writephoto
Sue Vincent’s Image for #writephoto

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

29 thoughts on “Token #writephoto”

  1. Yay, you wrote us a ha’sonnet!! Interesting thoughts within it–as a woman who thinks entirely too much, I’m not scared of mystery, but sometimes I wish I could lock up my mind and have a break 🙂

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    1. The form seems a little too short, but that may be because I am not used to it. Thanks for introducing me to the form by writing your own Ha’sonnet and linking to the other site where it is featured.


      1. It is short, sometimes hard to fit every thought within it…when that happens I rewrite in another form 🙂 You’re so welcome, Frank–the more the merrier!!

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  2. Wonderful, Frank! The mystery of life can be beautiful to see if you just look.

    Thanks for trying a ha’sonnet! They are short, just a reflection of a moment, a thought, a picture. I sometimes like them to be completed by the reader filling in the detail as they read it. And you have the form correct, meeting the line and syllable requirements and the setup and twist. You even put in rhyme which wasn’t required by the inventors. Well done!

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