Elastic Truth – Six Sentence Story


“We engage them with intimidation and bait them with lies to trip them up and trap them in emotional and costly accusations.”

“That sounds, however, like something they could avoid.”

“Some of them can, but we have successfully undermined – made elastic – the ethical foundations of others so much so that we are able to keep a significant part of their population fearful and gullible about anything their media gives us the opportunities to tell them.”

“What backup is there if this doesn’t work?”

“As backup we have compromised key politicians, officials and professional leadership who can be blackmailed if need be to act in our interests and we’ve manipulated their radicalized stooges to foment social unrest – and, don’t forget, our scientists have now proven that they can engineer targeted and deadly viruses.”

“So, if what you’re telling me is true, as long as they keep shooting themselves in the foot, we have a chance to get our hands around their throats.”

Linked to Six Sentence Story where Denise offers the prompt word “elastic” which must appear somewhere in a story of only six sentences.

Sunrise Over Pond Techny Park
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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

38 thoughts on “Elastic Truth – Six Sentence Story”

    1. Although I am not that knowledgeable about world politics, it might well be. If it were, it would be difficult for us to know. I think of this story as the beginning of a longer dystopia. Thank you, Crystal!


  1. Pandemic
    Folly ‘They’
    ‘Enjoy’ Most
    Us For Stealing
    Other Animal Homes
    Continuing DeSCenT SLoW HeLL oNE EartH
    SMiLes Frank Fires And Hurricanes First
    True As Not So Well..:)

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  2. Dude! Too true and surely is proof of the curse of the Fruit of the Garden*
    Good Six

    *not so much the knowledge of good and evil as it is the false confidence in being able to distinguish the two

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  3. Frank, I love your thinking! Wish I could do that. The danger of having your hands around their throats while they shoot themselves in the foot is that if they go down, so might we go down with them. We live in very sad and evil times. I’m thankful for poets.

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    1. We do live in very sad and evil times. I think there are ways to protect against them, but I often mess that protection up even with good intentions. Thank you, Mary!


  4. I am desperatley trying to hold on to the fact that truth is truth and will always be truth. This is terrifing and comforting at the same time. Stretching the truth is still lying. Great post. Very thought provoking.

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  5. I pondered using “elastic” in a SSS that would touch upon this very topic, but left that challenge to a much more talented writer such as yourself. So many things to consider when almost moment by moment the news bombards us with the latest act or statement beyond belief. Glad you tackled this SSS.

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    1. Thank you! Although I wrote it as fiction, since I have limited information, this is what I imagine could actually be going on given the riots and the corona virus. The truth may be worse than I imagine.


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