Tent Revival in Fresno, California

Almighty God made an emphatic statement in Fresno tonight. This was not a good meeting. I have been to good meetings. This was an explosion. This was the vengeance of God crashing into Satan’s agenda.

Mario Murillo, Fresno Explodes! October 12, 2020

Given Mario Murillo’s support for Donald Trump as evidenced by his recent posts HOW SATANISM AND DEMOCRATS FOUND EACH OTHER and WHEN CHRISTIAN LEADERS ARE SO OPEN MINDED THEIR BRAINS FALL OUT I don’t think he will mind me closing with this photo taken at a Pro-Trump rally in Northbrook, Illinois, on September 25th which was only a few blocks from where we live when in Northbrook. I didn’t know about the rally in advance but when I saw the gathering I stood with the Trump supporters even though I’m a registered Democrat.

I’ve been puzzled over the past four years why the Democratic Party has overplayed its hand demonizing President Trump. If you take into account their deceitful impeachment, their slandering through fake news of Trump and his administration, who, by the way, handled the coronavirus very well, and their toxic self-righteousness in the BLM rioting, I don’t see how anyone could shamelessly vote for a Democrat for any office. With their current top candidate most likely compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, and so unable to effectively stand for America, one could say that it would be outright unpatriotic to vote for them.


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

7 thoughts on “Tent Revival in Fresno, California”

  1. I fear for the Democrats these days, their hatred is not healthy, it is so ferocious it seems it will cause them to burst and spill out their guts. Not to mention strokes and or heart attacks. It is as if they are possessed!
    What happened to live and let live, everyone should be free to vote their conscience.

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  2. As some of the others have commented, this is not the Democratic party my parents supported. Their hatred has definitely blurred their patriotism. Thank you for following my blog.

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    1. The Democratic Party today seems very different, but I may not have been seeing it correctly in the past. I am also a registered Democrat, for what it’s worth, and I have been for decades. So I find what is going on personally embarrassing.


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