Will Your Vote Raise the Flag or Burn It – The American Swamp 6

The Biden scandal is massive and real. There is still time for you not to vote for a criminal who sold out America.

Mario Murillo, THERE IS STILL TIME, October 29, 2020

Here is a message from Jonathan Cahn.

Jonathan Cahn, Warning for Election Day & Call for Day of Prayer & Fasting

So where do you stand? Will you be raising the American flag or will you be burning it?

Here is a photo I took of the Fort Sheridan Cemetery in northern Illinois while walking yesterday through the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve. Vote as if you had to explain yourself to them.

Fort Sheridan Cemetery

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

14 thoughts on “Will Your Vote Raise the Flag or Burn It – The American Swamp 6”

  1. I can hardly express how much I profoundly disagree with the sentiments promoted by Jonathan Cahn. He strikes me as perfectly insane and I am sorrowful that such voices are given credence in US politics.


    1. You are welcome to try to express why you don’t agree with him if you want. Otherwise I don’t know how to respond except to say that I do agree with him about the state we are in and I like how Cahn describes it from a Jewish-Christian perspective. I also agree with Mario Murillo.


  2. Well Frank, you could respond by telling me to keep my nose out of US politics. and you’d be right of course. I suppose I don’t react well to the fundamentalist tropes he represents, as the creationist narrative is missing from the rather more secular traditions of political debate in the UK. Another reason for my reaction is, I suppose, that a quick trot through the 5,000 years of the history of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions, shows a certain addiction to war, torture, bloodshed of all kinds, as well as the capturing and maintenance of political, social and cultural power through fear. I think Cahn’s statements rather reflects that tradition. I like your poetry though!

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    1. This election in the USA has global effects, so I don’t mind you taking a position on it. I hope after Trump is re-elected that the UK and Australia along with the US will confront China on its military islands in the South China Sea and protect Taiwan. I doubt this would happen if Biden were elected.

      The corruption scandals from the Biden family, the censorship we have experienced recently and the covering up of injustice by the FBI and CIA have exposed how deep the swamp is in the US. It needs to be drained. Unfortunately it won’t be drained by Democrats. As a Democrat myself this is embarrassing for me and it may be why I am writing so much about this election. I am trying to make reparations for anything I might have done (or failed to do) to cause our current situation.

      I am primarily addressing Jewish, Protestant and Catholic readers who still support Biden. The underlying issues here are abortion, gender and support of Israel. The messages from both Cahn and Murillo were presented to appeal to them. I also had a sermon from a Catholic priest, but I thought the post would be too long to include it.

      Regardless I do not have a large number of people reading my posts. That doesn’t matter. I am a Christian. I write these posts as an act of obedience hopefully to stirrings from the Holy Spirit.

      I am glad you like my poetry. Thank you for clarifying your position.

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  3. PS, I just read the comments–and I applaud your statement that you’re writing “in obedience”. I don’t have more than a couple Christian readers, but I don’t worry about my stats falling when my posts are decidedly expressions of my Christian-faith, and my personal relationship with the Lord. Blessings to you, Frank ❤

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          1. Hallelujah!!! I’m listening to Franklin Graham right now–he’s a guest of Matt and Lorie Crouch at TBN, and is sharing his Christmas book, along with great memories of the the Graham family at Christmas 🙂 Like many, I guess I thought Billy Graham’s family would be super-spiritual (serious, somber)–but they had some hilarious FUN times, and that is the message I’d like nonbelievers to hear: that Christianity, a relationship with JESUS, is JOY-filled, imbued with HIS glory! It’s not just about avoiding the eternal pain of Hell, and making sure they follow all the rules (as though God’s grace doesn’t exist for us). The older/more mature in the faith I get, the more I see clearly that “obedience” to God is a GOOD thing–it’s a benefit for our health and happiness and God’s blessings–and not the “negative” word I used to think of when I was younger. Sorry, guess I “went to preaching” 🙂

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            1. A relationship with Jesus should be joy-filled even in the midst of persecution. If it is, then obedience should follow as part of that joy. Who would want to go back to those personal addictions that disobedience or sin represents?

              I don’t know much about the Grahams, but I have heard Franklin Graham speak recently. However, I have been mainly inspired by Jonathan Cahn and especially Mario Murillo.


              1. You’re so right that obedience seems to naturally follow the joy–and no way do I ever want to go backwards, there’s nothing in the Past I want to revisit 🙂 Thanks for the tip about Mario Murillo too.

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