Wax – Six Sentence Story

Framed By Branches

The wax from a single candle dripped onto the cupcake.  Jim let the candle flatten burning itself out in silence.  After removing the wax he stood in front of his wife Mary’s grave and ate the cake.  

Jim didn’t expect to be here given his own health conditions, but he promised Mary he’d come back yearly as long as he could with a cake and candles marking her “birthday into Heaven”.

Jim’s final cake had seven candles on it. It was made by friends from their small church who pushed Jim in his wheelchair to the gravesite and then celebrated Mary’s birthday with him.

Linked to Six Sentence Stories where Denise offers the prompt word “wax”.

Through the Branches
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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

44 thoughts on “Wax – Six Sentence Story”

  1. Oh gosh, Frank–I’m a sobbing mess…this is SO Beautiful! You’re not only a gifted writer, but you have such a tender heart…Holy Spirit Grace. Hope you and your family are doing well as we rush into the holiday season, Covid or no pandemic 🙂 ❤ God bless you hugely.

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      1. Oh yes, Frank, I can tell you already that miracles abound this season! My neighbor has finally shown a sincere interest in developing her relationship with the Lord…and we’ve been “having church” in her apartment as she continues to recover from a broken leg. We listen to a Christian song–taking turns choosing one each day–we have Holy Communion–and I’ve been anointing her bad knee with oil. We talk and talk about how good God is, how Jesus is pouring blessings on us! And of course we read the Bible, as well as a devotional 🙂 My prayers have been answered…I so wanted a sister-in-Christ near enough to fellowship with, serve and receive from. I’m so grateful and filled with JOY. We’ll be sharing Thanksgiving dinner, just the 2 of us…and JESUS ❤ Both of us cooking! 🙂

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        1. I am glad you found your sister-in-Christ and realized it was because of answered prayers. We will have one of my college classmates over for Thanksgiving. I pray something similar happens with him. And that we understand it as a miracle.


          1. Sometimes answered prayers require perseverance, I’ve learned: with the neighbor I mentioned, I made several previous efforts on her behalf with very poor results. After the last one crashed and burned I was ready to be DONE, but the Lord asked me to make another gesture toward her (to have a servant’s heart), and He told me I needed to be bold this time and say I was only interested in a Christ-centered friendship. So I did, and I guess she realized that if she wanted to be friends it had to be a package-deal, Jesus and me! I will surely be praying that your college classmate will be bowled over by God’s Spirit in your home–and “catch the revelation” of who Jesus is, and then respond. I imagine you are like me in that “everything’s a miracle”. I’m trusting your Thanksgiving will be amazing!!

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  2. My sister and I celebrated her late son’s birthday with cake. It was a big event of two souls missing and respecting the value of the one who could not physically be there. Now, she is gone and would have been 70 on the 18th. I made brownies.

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