Sunday Walk 21


I started reading David Pawson’s Practicing the Principles of Prayer this past week. I am beginning to understand prayer as a human privilege. Since prayer is a conversation, it is also never done alone. In order to bring that point home, I keep reminding myself to vocalize my prayers with words, not just thoughts, even if I speak only in a whisper.

I suspect I’ve thought of prayer too often as some sort of mindless, staring-at-my-navel meditation. That, I see now, is done alone and it is not as valuable as I once thought. It has been an awakening for me to get past that. By awakening I don’t mean that “woke” stuff where sleep-walkers bend a knee to the idol-of-the-day, but a real awakening.

Stones in Water

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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  1. So, it’s a good book? Because I was raised Catholic, prayers were always something I did in silence or writing in a journal. After I got into exploring Christianity I was forced to pray out loud, something I appreciate when others do it but still feel awkward doing myself. Communing conversations…

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    1. I was also raised Catholic and I still value Catholicism. It is orthodoxy where orthodoxy matters.

      You can find Pawson’s “Unlocking the Bible” series on YouTube as well as much of this book in lecture form. I find it difficult to pray out loud as well.

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      1. Aww. Well, peace be with you Frank!
        I told my mom that Catholicism parallels the foundations of ballet technique while all the branches of Christianity are spiritual dances; jazz, hip hop, modern, tap, west coast swing, lyrical, I’m sure even twerking has its place somewhere in the mix.
        I’ll look for him on YouTube. Thanks! 😊

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