Sunday Walk 29


I first heard this song on a post by Geri Ungurean. I like the deep sound of their voices as well as the message.

Fortune/Walker/Rogers/Isaacs – The Lighthouse

I am also grateful to Geri Ungurean for suggesting Brave browser with the Duck Duck Go search extension as an alternative to Google’s Chrome and search engine. The goal is to allow open searches and cut down on tracking and ads.

I installed Brave, took the option to let Brave copy over my bookmarks from Chrome and then searched for Duck Duck Go from the Brave browser where I found a link to install it as an extension.

I did some other tweaks to the home page like disabling fake news feeds. So far things are working all right. I am also looking at the Opera browser now that I’m in the mood to try new software.

Old Lighthouse

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Walk 29”

  1. Now that is a very inspirational song to start out the morning. Thanks. I hadn’t heard it before. Love the use of the lighthouse.

    BTW – I have also weaned myself off of Chrome and Google search. It was worth the effort, even though I choose a different path software wise.

    Have a blessed Sunday. May we be a light to others.

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  2. I got stuck on the opera developer browser. Duck Duck or startpage who both are good in anti tracking didn’t grow on me. The ad blocker of Opera is pretty awsome. Also the sidebar extentions for messengers are real good.

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  3. I tried the Microsoft Edge browser (which is available for Mac) because I started seeing good things about it on Reddit. I was surprised: it actually works very well. Of course, every time they install an update they reset it to the default settings (Bing for the search engine, their start page as the new tab page, etc.) but that’s relatively easy to fix. I just wish they wouldn’t do that…


    1. I use a Microsoft computer but I haven’t tried Edge. I feel I might be going from the frying pan into the fire by using it. However, Brave feels very similar to Google Chrome which concerns me. Duck Duck Go as a search engine does seem to be a good alternative, but I wouldn’t know how to test if that is true or not. I haven’t tried Bing either yet.


  4. I use Vivaldi as my browser! It blocks ads and trackers and you can use duckduckgo to browse. There are several themes to choose from and it is easy to navigate. I use the Edge as my second choice and then Firefox. No more Google and no more Gmail as I have changed my email service, as well.

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  5. I grew up (meaning my new saved life in 1974) hearing this song often. I was so blessed to hear it again now. It has been years. Brought a flood of wonderful people and memories to my heart. Thank you!


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