Rodeo – Six Sentence Story

This wasn’t Timothy’s first rodeo, but the corruption went deeper than he suspected. The interrogations after the fall of Headquarters led to the whereabouts of additional missing people, mostly children, more than he had anticipated.

“Do you think we’ve found all of them?” Helen asked.

Helen first met Timothy when she was investigating the kidnapping of his own daughter a decade earlier. She remembered him telling her during their month-long search that his prayers left him convinced that his daughter had always been in stronger arms than his own even before they found the body.

As to whether they located all of the victims, Timothy said, “I hope there will never be any more.”

Denise offers the prompt word “rodeo” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Story. This story continues from Kaleidoscope – Six Sentence Story. Next part is Theory – Six Sentence Story.

Horses in a Corral
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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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        1. I read your story but the reason I did not comment on it was because I did not understand it. Also I was not sure of your intent. The last word was unnecessary and the reference to the man in a bikini and farting I found suspect.


  1. I’m with Pragalbha, you’re not merely broadening the narrative, you’re giving us Readers a deeper sense of the characters. And isn’t that what reading (for enjoyment) is meant to be, spending time with ‘people’ we know and following them through adventures.
    Good installment!

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