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The men’s group I participate in will study the Book of Jude three weeks from now. So I need to prepare and I wonder if any of you have recommendations that you’ve found helpful.

After reading various translations of this short letter, I sought David Pawson’s perspective. I’ve found his Unlocking the Bible series to be helpful in the past. So I listened to the following lecture again.

David Pawson, Jude, Unlocking the New Testament

Pawson noted that Jude referenced the very long Book of Enoch which is not part of either the Catholic or Protestant canon. Although I will try skimming some of that, I am aware that I might be staring at the entrance of a large rabbit hole. I have Alice’s curiosity, but I pray that I don’t lack the gift of discernment.

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      1. Sorry for the confusion. I don’t think he is suggesting that. Since Jude is so short, the publisher combines the work of 2 Peter with Jude to make up the whole book. It is a part of a 44 volume commentary and 25,000 pages of text. 🙂

        This is one of the 44 volumes.

        Hope that helps.

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  1. Many years ago, I had a book called “The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden” that had all kinds of apocryphal texts in it. I thought it was quite enlightening and made the Bible more understandable, as well as things I had heard from my teachers without a lot of explanation. I think the book of Enoch is in there. You might want to check it out.

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  2. I will be very interested in what you glean from your study in Jude, so I hope you will share your notes here, please 🙂 Blessings to you, brother, as we begin a new week with Him.

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    1. It seems that Jude is related to 2 Peter. Both address problems within the church (a sentimental view of grace and a syncretistic view of Christ). Pawson considers those more troubling than persecutions from without. Thank you, Zelda!


      1. Hmmm, well I know “grace” is a divisive and controversial issue among many Christians which is exactly what Satan wants–and it certainly must break God’s heart. Just imagine–Jesus willingly accepted the most torturous suffering and death so that the whole world could be saved to eternal life with him and the Father, and to enjoy His blood-bought grace on Earth, only to have people bickering about it so much that it results in turning many people away from God!

        It distresses me greatly. It wasn’t till I was introduced to Pastor Joseph Prince and his anointed mission to preach the Gospel of Grace that I had the richly intimate relationship with the Lord that blesses me. Pastor Prince shares countless testimonies of how God’s grace has delivered and turned many people from lives of sin and addictions–because the love and grace of God draws people to Him, rather than scares them away for fear they’ll never attain the level of perfection which no human can meet–and the reason why Jesus gave His life for us. And my favorite quote from Joseph Prince is the one about Jesus “feeding the sheep, not beating them till their lives changed”. I wouldn’t be here today if I was still listening to sermons that “beat me”–“feeding on Jesus’ grace” continues to transform me into a believer who wants to love and serve like Jesus, instead of being self-consumed.

        Somewhat on topic, I wanted to share with you that I’ve read–and will reread–2 great books by Max Lucado regarding the events surrounding the crucifixion. They’re excellent, easy to read and digest, but hardly “sentimental” about grace. If you’re interested, here are the titles: SIX HOURS ONE FRIDAY, and ON CALVARY’S HILL–both by Max Lucado.

        So sorry if I seem to have preached a sermon–I’m rather passionate about God’s grace because it’s the most powerful thing I’ve experienced 🙂 ❤ Blessings to you, Frank 🙂

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        1. I haven’t read anything by Max Lucado, but I see his YouTube channel and I will listen to some of them.

          David Pawson gives grace priority over sacraments in his study of the Protestant Reformation in his Church History series of talks (YouTube).

          Jude 1:4 talks of those “who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality” (NIV).

          That’s all that comes to my mind about grace at the moment.


          1. Yes, I understand about the Jude verse–and Joseph Prince certainly doesn’t preach a license for immorality. It’s his belief and experience as a long-time Bible preacher that a larger population of believers do not abuse God’s grace in that “licentious” way, but rather are transformed to the glory of God.

            I love discussing scripture with you, brother. It’s obvious you are a serious studier of God’s Word, as am I. The Abundant Life Jesus died to give us is surely available within His grace–grace which includes God’s Truth, and our obedience to it. May you be hugely blessed this week–this season of preparation for Easter is rich and full (and for me, very emotional). ❤

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  3. PS: Hi again–I just found a book on my shelf by Joseph Prince titled Counterfeit Grace, and it has a chapter called, “Is Grace a License to Sin?” It offers clarity, with scripture references and a caution that people should test anyone’s teaching–and Pastor Prince advises that, if a church is using grace as a license to sin, find another church! Okay, I’ll sit down and be quiet now, haha 🙂

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    1. I like the description “counterfeit” for the teaching that grace gives one a license to sin.

      I read the first chapters of Enoch about those fallen angels that Jude mentioned. They petitioned God through Enoch to forgive them, but He wouldn’t. It may be that humans are the only ones allowed repentance. I might have misunderstood what was going on.


      1. Wow, that’s interesting–I’d never thought about angels needing or receiving forgiveness…though of course, Satan was a fallen angel and his goose is cooked eternally! 🙂 But he was too prideful to have the good sense to repent.

        Something I love about God’s grace is that, like manna, He gives it to us Daily…’cause I sure need it everyday 🙂

        And regarding His provision, part of my daily reading currently includes a passage in Leviticus–today I read about how, in addition to the weekly Sabbath, the Israelites were told that every 7th year would be a Sabbath in which they were NOT to plant or harvest. God said, “Be assured that I will send my blessing for you in the sixth year, so that the land will produce a crop large enough for three years”. It goes on to say that they’d still be eating from that large crop (6th year) when the new crop was harvested in the ninth year.

        It resonated in my spirit that when we obey God, His blessings in our lives will be bountiful. I so wish I’d known this when I was young, it would have saved much heartache. I didn’t learn till 2011 that God’s laws are for our benefit–not to restrict and punish us. But better late than never, right ? 🙂

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          1. Well, I confess I’m surprised by a lot of things in the Bible, brother. At times it seemed God was really really Harsh in the Old Test…so I’m ever more grateful for JESUS, God’s incarnate Grace. Blessings to you always 🙂

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