Journey – Six Sentence Story

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As expected the corrupt judge released the assassins back onto the streets. Their attorney filed a complaint against the officers who made the arrests, but no one at the station knew who those officers were. Not even the medics in the ambulance who received the assassins with all the paperwork neatly printed out could identify them.

Since the surgeon who removed the bullets from their arms didn’t notice the tracking devices that the shots were intended to deliver, once the assassins were released Helen began logging their journey.

Pointing to her monitor, Helen said, “The way these guys wander about the city I wonder if they took the blue pill or the red pill.”

“They’re dumb enough to take both.”

Denise offers the prompt word “journey” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Story. This is a continuation from Theory – Six Sentence Story. The next part is Filter – Six Sentence Story.

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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

38 thoughts on “Journey – Six Sentence Story”

    1. I had to look up what the blue pill and red pill stood for, but I’ve heard it so often I figured I’d use it. I think it comes from the Matrix movie. Go back to fantasy land (blue pill); see reality as it is (red pill). Of course, I might have this all wrong. Thank you, Oneta!

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  1. I’m with Oneta (and the others) as to the Red/Blue pill reference* and also a good question: Can one be enlightened without the quality of Acceptance?
    Good installment… opens up a couple of paths for the narrative that will be fun to follow.
    (And, as always, I’ll be reading it for improving my own writing… watching technique is half the fun, here in Sixville.)

    seen the movie more times than I can remember

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    1. We do learn from each other, seeing how we meet challenges in our stories. It is a good reason to write to prompts. I don’t know much about enlightenment or Acceptance, but one day I might find out. Thank you, Clark!

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