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Coming Rains

Soon after the murder of his daughter, Timothy’s wife died in an accident brought on by the distraction of sorrow. Timothy sold their house and moved to a basement apartment of a building owned by the church to house members of their fellowship needing a place to live. Much of the money Timothy earned he donated to this church and they shielded him in the basement.

Although he didn’t feel at home anywhere without his wife and daughter, this was where he returned after Helen’s dispatch to the tunnel and the successful extraction of the trafficked children from the van. 

He would be in that apartment for the next five years until the church, knowing his skills, asked if he could train prospective chaplains in defensive operations in a violent land. After being there a couple of years, one autumn day the group they were defending was attacked, and though they repelled the attackers, Timothy was hit and he found his way home.

Denise offers the word “home” for this week’s Six Sentence Stories. Continued from Gear – Six Sentence Story.

For those curious about where I imagined Timothy was sent by his church see Wes Bentley’s sermon at Calvary Chapel Miami Beach describing Far Reaching Ministries and Sudan. As a warning for those few who might like to watch the sermon, Pastor Bentley’s description of the persecution and terrorism is explicit.

Lone Bird
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Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

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  1. Good for Timothy. It was compelling and made the mind marvel, the part how he: “could train prospective chaplains in defensive operations in a violent land.”
    Ford – (on hiatus at TVTA)

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  2. Excellent, and imo, satisfying ending to a serial Six.
    I’ve enjoyed the story and have gained from ‘watching how you constructed’ this engaging tale.

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