Sunday Walk 44 – Bible Reading


Jim Lee asked his readers when during the day we read the Bible? I could say I was following a yearly Bible reading plan with a small group and read the verses of the day when the notice arrived.

However, I thought why not start my own plan in addition to this focusing on each book in succession with a commentary as a guide?

I started this two weeks ago using David Pawson’s one hundred lecture series Unlocking the Bible. This commentary covers the whole Bible at an introductory level. I divided those one hundred lectures into two videos per week to make the plan last about a year.

This week I am continuing with Genesis. On each of these Sunday Walks I will link to an audio of the book I’m reading along with links to two of Pawson’s lectures.

Weekly Bible Reading: Genesis (Audio: King James Version read by Alexander Scourby)
Commentary: David Pawson, Genesis Part 5 of 7 and Part 6 of 7, Unlocking the Bible


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Walk 44 – Bible Reading”

  1. Frank,
    I’ve been doing something like this for the past year or so, following my daily M’Cheyne reading plan as well as a commentary per book. Just finished the Gospel of John. The in-depth focus just gives more for our poor hungering spirits to chew on, grow on. :>)

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  2. Interesting, Frank. Last Sunday (not this morning), the speaker for our group talked about reading the Bible. I’ve tried each day, reading one chapter in OT, one in NT, one chapter of Psalm and one on Proverb. I’ve been lacking of discipline lately.

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