Sunday Walk 63 – The Biblical Age of the Earth

We are in the year 5782 in the Jewish calendar. It represents the number of years since the creation based on the ages of people in the Bible. This would put creation in 3761 BC (that is, 5782-2021). However, others using various biblical texts calculated this differently. For Luther the creation occurred in 3961 BC. For Kepler it was 3993 BC. For Josephus it was 5555 BC.

Robert Carter gives reasons for these discrepancies in his Origins interview. At about 23:00 in the video he offers as an estimate 4220 BC as the year of Creation using the Masoretic text. This estimated date has a range from 3822 BC to 4339 BC. If that estimated date is correct, the earth would be about 6241 years old within a range from 5843 to 6360 years old.

Robert Carter, Origins: What’s the Biblical Age of the Earth?

Chris Hardy and Robert Carter present this in more detail in their article The biblical minimum and maximum age of the earth.

Given these estimates of the age of the Earth we can construct more detailed chronologies of when things happened. Those with competing chronologies can do the same with their estimates. The problem with having a very old estimated age of the Earth is that we also know rates of erosion or entropy. The older the estimated age, the more likely it will be falsified by some rate of decay. For example, a fossil cannot be older than the time it would take for erosion to wash the fossil away.

The Biblical account also provides the means by which the Earth (and universe) began. God was responsible through creation meaning there was an all-powerful intelligence right at the beginning.

Those who reject such a starting point need to come up with some plausible way for the universe that we see today to even be here. They need to provide a coherent explanation of a starting point and identify mechanisms for any evolutionary steps taking us from that starting point to our current state before entropy of some sort washes it all away.

Weekly Bible Reading:  Ezekiel (Audio)
10 Cheshvan, 5782, Lech-Lecha: Parashat Genesis 12:1-17:27; Haftarat Isaiah 40:27-41:16
David Pawson, Ezekiel, Part 42 and Part 43, Unlocking the Bible
Bible Project, Ezekiel (1-33)

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        1. The age of the Earth given by the Bible is a coherent and consistent explanation for why we are here. It even accounts for the evil we see in the world. It has fewer holes in it, as you say, than deep time speculations. Thank you, Oneta!

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