Road To Damascus – Décima

May all of us walk up that road
that leads from blindness to what’s true.
Priorities get altered, too.
We struggle pained against the goad
refusing to give up our load
of dark delusions – off they fly.
In brilliant light we breath a sigh
of joy proclaiming, as we pray,
the humble praise we raise today
when we were stopped by God on high.

I was thinking of Acts 9 and Erica-Sommer Dudley’s song, Road to Damascus.

Ronovan Hester offers the rhyme word “sigh” to be used in a C-line for this week’s décima having rhyme pattern ABBAACCDDC.

Ronovan's Decima Poetry Challenge Image
Ronovan’s Decima Poetry Challenge Image

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

25 thoughts on “Road To Damascus – Décima”

          1. Frank Jesus did not take Israel out of Egypt. Twice you have made a general statement about some circular argument supposedly made by myself. Neither time have you backed this declaration up with any evidence other than your declaration of my having made a circular argument.

            Gave a detailed response to your abortion question. But for some reason it never got posted on your board. Perhaps check your spam. Sometimes wordpress places my responses in that category.

            “You do realize, I hope, that you have to argue from my presuppositions, what I accept as true, if you want me to take your argument seriously.”
            Why? Fair is fair. Simple algebra, what one does on one side of the equation equally must be done on the other side of the equation.

            “On a side note, I suspect much of the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew and then translated into Greek.”

            Your suspicions carry no weight in a court room. Not any Hebrew or Aramaic manuscripts of the Noise Testament exist.


            1. I did not find any comment from you in my WordPress spam folder. What are your views on abortion?

              You have a worldview presupposition that “Jesus did not take Israel out of Egypt.”

              My worldview presupposition is that Jesus is God and God took Israel out of Egypt. Hence Jesus was involved in that as the Son of God.

              When we assert our presuppositions we are engaged in circular reasoning. Both of us do it. There is nothing logically wrong with it. It is called the reiteration rule in natural deduction.

              What is wrong is to assume that I accept your presuppositions without my actually agreeing with them. When we argue we have to find contradictions or problems in each others presuppositions augmented by the facts we agree on.

              So any time either of us says something that the other rejects we are using circular reasoning based on our own presuppositions. It is legitimate to do so. However, it is naive to assume the other person will accept it.

              I don’t know if the original New Testament documents were primarily written in Hebrew of not. However, it is possible.


              1. The life of the mother has priority over the life of the child. Bird in hand worth two in the bush. The life of the mother … what defines “life”? Lifestyle falls within the term “life”. If the mother chooses that the new born baby threatens her “lifestyle”, the mother has the right to terminate her pregnancy.

                Tohorat Ha’Biet, a precondition of k’dushin, (translated as marriage) but tohor like modesty applies equally straight across the board to both males and females of the Cohen chosen people.

                Tohorat Ha’Biet the woman must count 11 days, checking her vagina with white cloth strips all 11 days. Only the woman herself trusted in this matter. The baal of the woman trusts the judgment of his wife. If after 11 tohor days of no blood on the white cotton strips inserted inside the vagina, then the woman goes to the mikveh and the couple has conjugal relations. This maximizes the possibility of the couple having children. Fruitful and multiply, the 1st commandment in the Torah…comparable to doing mitzvot לשמה, the 1st commandment of Sinai.

                A secular Jewish woman who prefers hedonism over keeping the Torah commandments still has the right to define “life style”.

                Correct. Jesus did not take Israel out of Egypt. Hence Jesus has no part with the Torah. You say otherwise … prove it. Your personal beliefs do not interest me in the least. Am an atheist praise God – remember?!

                Do not insert any presupposition. The 1st Commandment of Sinai – a clear commandment, no room to add or subtract from this revelation of the Torah at Sinai which Jews accepted and Goyim reject. So your circular argument – totally inaccurate and false.

                The language of the 1st commandment “I am HaShem who took you out of Egypt”. No such commandment I and my son Jesus took you out of Egypt. No. Its written HaShem, and no Angel or any other took Israel out of Egypt. Clear as the sun in the sky on a cloudless day.

                Its no chiddush for a Goy not to accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Like duh, that’s the difference between a Jew and a Goy. The chosen Cohen nation accepts the Torah at Sinai and the Goyim reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Simple as that. Goyim reject not only the revelation of the Written Torah at Sinai, they reject the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev\Sinai. The Hebrew employs 2 names for the same mountain upon which HaShem revealed His Name to the chosen Cohen nation. Zero room to negotiate on this point.

                The chosen Cohen nation chooses HaShem ie life over the Goyim ie death. The Shoah proves that Goyim bear the mark of Cain, the mark of death.

                Possible does not mean swat in a Court of Law. Either you have evidence or you don’t. Speculations and what you want to believe have no merit what so ever before the Judges.


                1. You write the following, mosckerr: Zero room to negotiate on this point. I am not interested in negotiating with you on any topic.

                  You write the following: Am an atheist praise God – remember? Then forget about HaShem. Your spiritual practice is empty.

                  You write the following: If the mother chooses that the new born baby threatens her “lifestyle”, the mother has the right to terminate her pregnancy. If you believe that I do not need to take your Judaism seriously nor any of your complaints about “Shoah”.


                  1. Atheist, do not personally believe any theology creed or dogma, praise HaShem. The comparison of the Shoah to abortion … lies of statistics. Lies, damn lies, and statistics and maps. Like the idiots who carve up a map of Israel and call it “Palestine” when the League of Nations mandate given to the British included a good chunck of Iraq, Jordan, and Israel!!! Arabs in the Middle East, they physically cannot pronounce the letter P as in Balestine. LOL.


    1. Paul’s conversion story is a great example. May we all experience something like that which turns us into obedient servant/slaves of Jesus. Even those of us who were rebelling against Him.

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