Ingredient – Six Sentence Story

Seemingly faraway in time and space Athaliah was the daughter of Jezebel and King Ahab and the wife of Jehoram son of King Jehoshaphat of the southern hill country.

She observed how her mother handled the problem of Naboth when he refused to trade his vineyard to please her father. In her husband’s name Jezebel directed two false witnesses to accuse Naboth of cursing God and king resulting in him being stoned to death. As her father took possession of the vineyard like windfall from the forbidden tree in the middle of the garden a prophet gave Ahab a piece of God’s mind.

That her mother got away with stuff like that bewitched Athaliah allowing toxic ingredients of cold-blooded manipulation to manifest. She was ready to usurp the reign of the southern hill country.

Denise offers the word “ingredient” to be used in this week’s Six Sentence Stories. Eugenia offers “faraway” for her prompt this week.

For the details of what happened to Naboth see 1 Kings 21. To read about Athaliah see 2 Kings 11.

Lake Michigan at Gillson Park
Lake Michigan at Gillson Park

Author: Frank Hubeny

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    1. She didn’t end up any better than her father and mother. Before writing this I didn’t realize she was Ahab and Jezebel’s daughter, but now I won’t forget it. Thank you, Rebecca!


  1. Great story to generate a little research and reading to understand more. Apparently Athaliah was know as the “usurper queen”. Athaliah used her power to establish the worship of Baal in Judah. Six years later, Athaliah was surprised when Jehoiada revealed that Jehoash lived and proclaimed him king of Judah. She rushed to stop the rebellion, but was captured and executed.

    Thanks for making this happen.


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  2. A potent story there, plus excellent photo of those trees at Lake Michigan.
    Some standout lines: “like windfall from the forbidden tree in the middle of the garden” and Athaliah, bewitched “allowing toxic ingredients of cold-blooded manipulation to manifest.”

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  3. Excellent Sixifying!*
    My own from reading Six Sentence Story(s) is not derived solely from the plot, the narrative, if you will. I also enjoy (attempting) to figure out the writer accomplishes what the real challenge in writing, i.e. engaging the Reader and keeping them engaged right through the end. That’s half the fun.
    Great story, ‘plot’ but holding all the characters and transitions (through time and place), that is really impressive.

    not a ‘real’ verb

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    1. Good point – the real challenge is engaging the reader. I do focus a lot on the plot which is my crutch, but then these stories are only six sentences long. Thank you, Clark!


  4. Jezebel was pure evil. good retelling… BTW the 1939 movie of the same name with Bette DAvis has nothing to do with the Biblecharacter, but is a GREAT film. ONe of my top ten. good six

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  5. Frank, I have wanted to share with you the six-sentence story I discovered in the Bible a few weeks ago. I was reading Romans 5 and paid attention to the pucnctuation marks. Verses 1 -9 is six sentences, a period marking each end. It begins with being justified by faith and ends with much more being justified by His blood. A full thought indeed!!!!

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    1. I am glad you liked that part. The stories associated with Jezebel and Ahab are powerful. I think I finally figured out who Athaliah was by retelling this portion of the story.


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